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Advantages of NOYNIM as an IT company – Part 2

We are often asked what sets us apart from our competition, sometimes by prospective clients and sometimes by partners.  We thought about it and came up with a short list of ways that we think NOYNIM is a superior choice when it comes to IT consulting services in the Denver area.

What exactly are you paying your IT vendor for anyway?  When you get the invoice, is that the question that you are asking yourself?  Let’s say there are 3 tickets open for your company with the IT consulting company this month – be sure you know what they are for.  Is it a legitimate computer issue or solving a problem, or perhaps Ken in accounting can’t remember his password every week.  Make sure you know from the IT company what your tickets are for so you are not paying expert rates for non-expert “trouble tickets.”

And when the IT company sends someone to your location, do you feel like you got the short end of the stick when they were deciding who to send out?  It’s ok to have people come out that are not as experienced, that is how technical people learn.  But if the tech is having to call into the office to figure out how to log into the server, Houston we have a problem.  Make sure the people on staff are certified with industry standard certifications from the big vendors.

You are open on the weekends to serve your clients, and the network goes down.  Do you hear the cash register ringing and the owner of the IT company wringing his hands because now you get the “after hours rate?”  Sure it is not fun when things go down when we would all rather be spending time with our families, but you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose when something goes wrong and the timing is out of your control.  You should insist on one rate for 24/7 support, weekends and holidays.


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