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Advantages of NOYNIM as an IT Consulting Company

We are often asked what sets up apart from our competition, sometimes by prospective clients and sometimes by partners.  We thought about it and came up with a short list of ways that we think NOYNIM is a superior choice when it comes to IT consulting services in the Denver area.

First we refer to our services this way – “we don’t hold our customers hostage with a long term agreement.”  What we mean by that is most companies in our space insist on year-long contracts if not more!  We don’t believe we need to lock in our customers; if they are happy with our services they will continue to engage us for IT services, simple as that.  Think about how your business has change in the last year, would you be engaging an IT company the same way today as one year ago?  As 5 years ago?  Go with a company like NOYNIM that is agile enough to move when you move.

Second, we like to test networks for vulnerabilities on a regular basis.  As nefarious people try to gain access to your network, they sometimes uncover places where they can get in due to changes in configurations with servers, routers, etc.  Sometimes these changes happen because the manufacturer of your server software pushes out a patch that leaves you open, and sometimes that patch fails and you are left with an open door to your environment.  Everything needs to be tested for vulnerabilities often, or you will find out the hard way if your disaster recovery plan works!

Speaking of disaster recovery plans, what is yours?  The last area we will talk about this week is just that – what happens when your server gets hacked?  What happens if the building burns down?  What if the internet cable gets ripped out by workers on the street?  All of these scenarios need to be addressed and thought through or you run the risk of being unprepared.  Wouldn’t it be better to have a plan in place with what to do with scenarios like these, rather than have your entire staff sitting around doing nothing while you are trying to figure out how to get a network operational for them?


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