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Get a Tablet to Beat the Christmas Gifting Fever

This November saw the gadget wars beginning, starting with the famous brand Samsung Galaxy tablet that came out across the country at most of the O₂ outlets. Sources say that the year 2010 has witnessed a massive revolution in the market for electronic gadgets and add to it the coming of Smartphone’s, the war just got hotter. All said and done, orders have been made months in advance and beelines formed for the TABLET PC, yes it is here to stay and invade the wallets of many a customer this Christmas.

Browsing isn’t the same as what it used to be some time back, it has undergone a massive change. These days in the market one would find more than 10 new tablets available or making an entry and a presence. Big names like the Blackberry Playbook, Avaya Flare, Cisco Cius, Windows 7, HP Tablet and the latest, Samsung Galaxy have made their mark and presence already. Some of them would go hand in glove with the battle against Apple’s iPad, which as many say is the best at present and the most wanted.

Industry experts say that the brand Apple has sold more than it thought it would, be it iPads, DVD’s or even other gadgets and devices. People want the tablet since it is flexible and user friendly, not to forget to mention that the medium with a tablet is VERY INTERACTIVE. Take a look at the world of business and the men and women there are testimonies to the power of the humble tablet. Now the biggest question is, which tablet is the best one for you this Christmas?

A leading expert with tablets and iPads says that the Business tablets would by mid 2011 overtake the need for Apple’s iPad. The competition is sure tough and there are many factors which would influence a buyer’s decision, some of which would be the design, the performance, the price and connectivity. Taking into account all of these factors, most companies that have produced the tablet have as many say, drawn their inspiration from Apple’s iPad.

The premium brand BlackBerry is best for business use and with the specifications the new BlackBerry Playbook has, it sure is waiting to create a rage amongst the end users. It is marvelous to have this baby with a QNXoperating system which is brand new and one which supports Adobe Flash, multi tasking and even HTML5. Lets not forget the powerful Unified Communications, the integrated 3G along with the Wi-Fi also with the High Definition video; need we say more.

Cisco Cius is another brand to keep a watch for, it runs with the Android OS and allows for Multi Party conferencing and videos as well, with other embedded business features that would be a treat to the business folks. The Avaya on the other hand also uses the Android OS and works on the same model as that of the Cisco Cius.

With so much round the corner, the fever is only getting hotter and its only time that would tell us how well the tablets work in the long run. So which one would you want to pop in this Christmas?


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