When it comes to managed IT services, every business has unique needs. As such, the best providers customize their plans for each individual client. Most packages are composed of the same five prongs, though, which make up the foundation of a strong total IT support program.

1. Network Maintenance

Network maintenance addresses virtually all the day-to-day demands of an IT system so it can continue functioning at optimal capacity. The specific tasks depend on the infrastructure in question, but there are a few generic ones that almost always apply. For example, providers who offer Denver IT services might perform the following for nearly every one of their clients:

  • Replace dated hardware
  • Update older software applications
  • Install patches to address security vulnerabilities
  • Systems backups
  • Monitor system/network performance and connectivity
  • Implement proactive measures to prevent system outages
  • Troubleshoot any issues as soon as they arise

2. Cloud Infrastructure

As businesses move more of their operations online, the need for reliable cloud computing consulting services grows. Thankfully, building and then maintaining cloud infrastructure is included in most managed IT services packages. The right tech team should be able to:

  • Monitor the compliance of all cloud networking components
  • Maintain virtual servers
  • Install essential security updates & patches
  • Manage remote storage

3. Cybersecurity Solutions

Regardless of their industry, every business needs a secure network. Handling any kind of sensitive data exposes an organization to breaches. As such, the IT provider should be able to address potential threats by devising tailored solutions for mitigating them.

Providers aim to protect every area of vulnerability within a system, so the risk of a security breach is minimal. The key items include:

  • Servers & workstations
  • Cloud Data Backups
  • User accounts
  • Email services
  • Internet browsers

4. Software Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a core component of managed IT services. By letting their provider handle all their software—which can take a considerable amount of time each month—businesses can focus on catering to their customers.

A comprehensive SaaS package typically includes:

  • Configuring and maintaining all software programs
  • Adding, removing and changing permissions as users come and go
  • Reporting usage statistics
  • Backing up software files
  • Corresponding with customer support when an issue arises

5. Data Backup & Recovery

Backing up files regularly—and often on more than one platform to ensure redundancy—is essential. Should a program fail or a hacker attack, any data that hasn’t been backed up may be lost.

Fortunately, most providers also offer backup & disaster recovery solutions. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to data following a system crash or cyberattack. This is a valuable tool to have in the arsenal and provides an extra layer of protection.

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