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converting mbr to gpt on windows server

Hi all, recently we had the need to convert an MBR drive to GPT on a windows 2012R2 server as we needed to increase storage […]

moving citrix xenserver guest

if you need to move a guest windows server from citrix/xenserver you will notice you keep getting blue screens. this is whether you use disk2vhd […]

Cannot connect to the rpc service on computer hyper-v 2008 r2

There are times when you run failover cluster manager and are trying to connect to VMs on other nodes in your cluster and get the […]

Add Windows 2012R2 server to single suffix domain

There are times when there are issues joining a 2012 server to a domain with a single suffix. Below is a solution that you can […]

Server 2012R2 Hyperv slow response and slow pings

We have noticed that in certain environments ping times (latency) is very high to a guest Hyperv host on a physical Server 2012R2 box. To […]

Maintaining permissions during filecopy

There are times when you copy files and folders and need the ability to maintain permissions.  This can either be done because you are redoing […]

DNS Event ID 4013 on Server 2008 Domain Controller/DC

NOYNIM specializes in IT Consulting Denver, and we strive for perfection all of the time.  One of our focuses is cloud, off-premise and on-premise infrastructure. After […]

Denver IT Consulting — Issues with Microsoft Patching

NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting has noticed several big issues with Microsoft patches the last few months.  A recent Microsoft patch broke Cisco AnyConnect which is […]

Issues after Dell motherboard replacement on new generation servers

After a Dell motherboard is replaced on a new generation of servers (R320, R420, R520, R620, R720) and you are running UEFI there may be […]

sql running slow on new dell server (R320, R420, R520, R620, R720)

You may have installed SQL server on your new dell server (R/T x20) and notice that things seem slow.  This also applies to SBS servers […]

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