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How to Choose an IT Services Company – Part 1

Business owners at small and mid-sized companies are often stretched thin when it comes to the decision to hire an IT Services company.  By the time you reach the conclusion to not hire an individual, but rather to outsource to a company to take care of your computer environment, you don’t know where to start.  Should you just go to the search engines and find what Google or Bing think is relevant for your needs?  What criteria should you hold out as necessary for the IT services company to meet?  This series of articles will be a guide to help you with that process.

Does the company insist on an annual or multi-year contract?

At NOYNIM we don’t believe it is in our client’s best interests to hold them hostage with a long term contract.  If we do our job correctly and don’t become complacent under a long term agreement – the client will be happy with our services, or they don’t pay.  Period.

Does the IT services company keep current on the latest trends in the marketplace?

When company owners are looking to outsource IT, you want someone else to be the expert and keep up with trends so you don’t have to.  Bringing recommendations with a knowledge of your individual needs and environment, not just suggesting what pays the best bonus that month.  As an example, it seems like everywhere you turn today, cloud computing is being touted as the next big thing.  Now while a good IT services company is “Cloud Ready” – we believe not everything should be in the cloud!  There are advantages for certain things to be on premise while other things can be in the cloud.  NOYNIM does a full assessment on your environment and business needs before giving generalized recommendations.   NOYNIM wants to focus on being a strategic business partner that solves and optimizes business processes, not a cost center.  As a small business, the last thing you want is your people sitting around not being able to access network resources to get their jobs done… all because your IT partner gave bad advice without really understanding your needs and environment.

Does the IT company create documentation as a course of doing their work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

Usually this step is considered only when it’s too late – A network diagram, password database, or disaster recovery document – All necessary when things don’t go according to plan.  And we all know that things don’t always go according to plan!  Make sure the IT services company you choose documents their work for you and has a documentation plan for when the unexpected happens.

These are just a few of the areas we think you should consider when choosing a company to trust with the care of your computer environment.  Our article next week will consider more areas to keep in mind when choosing an IT services company.


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