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Cloud Computing And IT Managed Services (Denver)

Does cloud computing mean it’s time to do away with your managed services provider (MSP)? When it comes to IT, you may feel the urge to choose between using IT Managed Services (Denver) or going with cloud computing. Recently, it has been proposed that the advent of the cloud with its amazing capabilities will eliminate the need for managed services providers altogether.

Industry experts urge employing the skills of a top-rated IT Managed Services Denver based firm to ensure your company reaps the highest benefits from moving onto the cloud.

IT Managed Services (Denver) – The Advantages

  • Reduced uncertainties

Think of the MSP as the middle guy in the three-man team along with your company and the cloud. The MSP’s specialists provide the knowledge and technical skills to help you make sense of all the possibilities offered by cloud computing.  Cloud deployment of your projects is done efficiently, saving time and valuable resources.

You are off to a running start with an MSP leveraging public cloud-based resources on your behalf. Meanwhile your resources which are not appropriate or ready for the cloud, receive the expert attention of the MSP.

  • You have more control

Shared infrastructure is the hallmark of the cloud’s ability to offer such great prices for the provided IT services. That’s ‘economy of scale’ at work – but it may leave you feeling you have lost direct control of the infrastructure and application services that drive your business.

With IT Managed Services (Denver) providers you outsource only as much as is comfortable to you, retaining more direct IT control as in the manner of using a hosted or collocated data center. Along with managing the assets running at the MSP, your chosen MSP becomes the management layer between your company and the very public cloud.

  • Unmatched industry knowledge

Many MSPs are focused on one type of industry (health care, manufacturing or retail for example). They are very knowledgeable on the IT needs and service requirements for companies within the industry and are often able to spot problems even before they become an issue for your company. You don’t routinely find that in the public cloud services, hence with an IT Managed Services (Denver) firm you access the ideal combination of industry and IT knowledge to ensure your business gets the most out of your cloud experience.


So, it’s not really a question of choosing either an MSP or the cloud, since the two are by no means mutually exclusive. It’s more about finding the right MSP help you make the most of what he cloud has to offer.  An IT Managed Services (Denver) firm can be an indispensable aide to your cloud activities, taking on the valuable concurrent roles of supervisor, manager and buffer.


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