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converting mbr to gpt on windows server

Hi all, recently we had the need to convert an MBR drive to GPT on a windows 2012R2 server as we needed to increase storage past 2TB. The drive that was needed to expand was a storage drive, non boot drive.

here is how to get this going:

  • make sure you have a good backup
  • download and extract gptgen from https://sourceforge.net/projects/gptgen/
  • open cmd and open diskpart
    • type diskpart and hit enter, a new window should pop up
    • under diskpart type list disk
      • notate the disk #, usually the boot disk is 0 and then it goes 1, 2 etc
        • mine was 1 (Disk 1)
  • open cmd as administrator
  • go to the gptgen folder (c:\gptgen for me)
  • issue the following c:\gptgen\gptgen.exe -w \\.\\physicaldrive1
    • if everything went well it should say completed successfully
  • restart computer
  • run checkdisk against the drive to make sure everything worked properly and there are no errors
  • expand the drive and you are good to go


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