Microsoft has announced the general release of Copilot for Security, their latest business Artificial Intelligence product, this April 1st. This AI-powered tool employs a consumption-based pricing model, a standout feature compared to the per-license model of Microsoft 365 Copilot.

➜ All About Copilot for Security

Copilot for Security will be available both as a standalone portal and through an embedded experience in Entra, Defender, Intune, Purview, and other existing Microsoft security products. This flexible pricing model is set to encourage users to start small, experiment, and adjust usage as needed – for example, scaling down during off-peak hours.

Microsoft also offers recommendations on measuring the ROI for Copilot for Security and provides popular prompts such as “analyze the following script” and “show me the top 5 alerts that I should prioritize today.”

The Copilot tool processes over 78 trillion security signals per day, amplifying security professionals’ skills, increasing their threat response time and reducing alert fatigue. It gives users access to summarized insights from the larger IT environment, freeing up time for senior analysts while providing hands-on support for juniors.

Copilot Introduction by Microsoft
Copilot Introduction by Microsoft

The Human-Machine Symbiosis

One of the most striking aspects of Copilot is its emphasis on supporting human expertise with machine intelligence. It’s a collaborative approach—augmenting your existing security teams with robust tools, granular data, and actionable insights. This symbiosis is a testament to Microsoft’s philosophy that the future of cybersecurity is intertwined with human cognition.

Impressive Early Returns

In early trials, users were 22 percent faster at common security tasks with Copilot for Security, with an increase in accuracy of 7 percent. Almost all users expressed their willingness to continue using the tool due to its powerful GenAI capabilities, which speed up threat response and prioritization efforts.

Moreover, with Copilot for Security, the need to manually reverse-engineer malware is significantly reduced as GenAI can translate command line scripts into natural language. The tool also comes with custom promptbooks and supports eight different languages, with the interface available in 25 different languages.

Early Adopters of Copilot Security

With the promise of AI-driven incident summarization, assessments of incident effects, and script reverse engineering, several potential applications have already been identified. Security services partners have a significant role to play in this, according to Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of security, compliance, identity, and management.

Partners can aid in the deployment and training of Copilot for Security and have the opportunity to develop their unique promptbooks, adding their service prompts to the catalog. One such partner, ABM Technology Group, a Microsoft partner based out of Fargo, N.D., is already implementing Microsoft’s security solutions.

➜ Integration and Evolution of AI

Microsoft isn’t stopping here. They have products and features in the pipeline linked with Copilot for Security such as Copilot in Intune aimed at simplifying root cause determination and Copilot in Microsoft Entra user risk investigation for faster threat response.

As Microsoft continues to grow the library of plugins for Copilot for Security, we will see integrations with Netskope, Tanium, Cyware and more, putting this innovative GenAI tool on track to become a game-changer in the security sphere.

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