Under the White House’s New National Cyber Strategy, Software Developers Would Bear the Burden of Mitigating Risk

Managing cyber risk is inherently challenging, and it’s only going to get more difficult as technology advances. Unfortunately, while everyone who operates in the digital age is vulnerable, not everyone is equipped to keep malicious actors at bay. The White House has recognized as much and wants to ensure there are more protections in place for individuals, small businesses, and local government agencies. 

According to CNBC, the Biden administration just released its National Cyber Strategy, which aims to provide a road map for defending the United States from online threats. The plan calls for legislation that would hold software developers liable for failing to take reasonable measures to secure their products and services. The hope is that in doing so, the White House can shift the burden of cybersecurity to those who are more equipped to handle it. 

This would essentially reinvent America’s cyber social contract, making the most capable actors in the digital sphere shoulder a much greater responsibility for keeping everyone safe. Acting National Cyber Director Kemba Walden believes that expecting the end user to protect themselves is both ineffective and unfair. 

Under the proposed National Cyber Strategy, the White House would work with Congress and the private sector to develop a bill that would establish liability for negligent software developers. While such legislation wouldn’t be expected to pass within the next year, it is part of a longer-term plan. 

The White House is also exploring a national cyber insurance backstop in the event of a catastrophic attack. This would supplement the existing market and focus on expanding minimum security requirements across a host of industries. It would also streamline regulations and treat ransomware as a national security threat, rather than just a criminal issue. 

Finally, the strategy incentivizes long-term investing in cybersecurity. The Biden administration said it will prioritize the research and development of newer cybersecurity technology and continue bolstering the cyber workforce.

While the National Cyber Strategy proposes a lot of promising solutions–and the White House says the work has already started–businesses still need to be proactive about protecting themselves in the digital age. This starts with utilizing cybersecurity services from reputable IT providers.  

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