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New Landscape of Computer Security


In 2013, computer analysts saw a drastic increase in the development of threats to computer security. This is by no means good news for the information technology world; however, computer security Denver companies like NOYNIM work tirelessly with their clients to ensure that state-of-the-art cyber security systems are built to successfully combat these threats.


It is of utmost important that the information technology departments of organizations across the globe (especially those organizations based primarily on the Internet) educate themselves about both the positive and negative developments in the present computer threat landscape, so that they will be better able to protect their businesses against today’s growing group of sophisticated hackers.


Ten of the top threats that have rocked the cyber security world in 2013 are:

  1. Information Leakage
  2. Data Breaches
  3. Phishing
  4. Identity Theft/Fraud
  5. Botnets
  6. Exploit Kits
  7. Code Injection
  8. Trojans/Worms
  9. Drive-by Downloads
  10. Denial of Service


These top ten threats have affected areas of the information technology world such as: Trust Infrastructure; Cloud Computing; Social Networking, Mobile Computing; and Critical Infrastructure.


From a negative perspective, the landscape of computer security has been affected by things such as:

  • Cyber threats going mobile. Some years ago, certain malicious tools and programs were limited to attacks against personal computers, but today, developers of these tools and programs are able to migrate these programs to the mobile platform.
  • Hackers becoming more sophisticated not only in the manner in which they write their codes, but also in the way they plan and implement their attacks.
  • Hackers’ targets are no longer limited to private organizations; they have now graduated to infiltrating both private and governmental institutions.


It has always been said that for “every action there is an opposed and equal reaction.” This quote certainly applies to what is taking place in the landscape of computer security today. For every threat that emerged in 2013, IT analysts and law enforcement were able to make all-important positive developments. For instance:

  • There has been a tremendous increase in the number of reports that have been made relating to computer security threats. Additionally, there has also been an improvement in the quality of the information available regarding these threats. This has led to better threat analyses.
  • Law enforcement has made great strides in identifying and arresting hackers that are responsible for developing and distributing some of the year’s most malicious threats. For example, the developer of the infamous Blackhole Exploit Kit was arrested in the latter part of 2013.
  • Various computer organizations, such as Denver computer security companies, have teamed up to assess modern cyber threats and develop security programs and systems that will defend against these threats.
  • Computer security vendors have tremendously improved upon the time in which they respond to threats by updating their security products on a regular basis.


Now is the time to employ the services of computer security companies like NOYNIM to help your organization develop and implement security programs and systems that will defend against the emerging threats in cyber security. Do not leave your organization vulnerable. As mentioned before, hackers and their attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and if you do not have an advanced security system, your organization could lose valuable and sensitive data to these hackers.


If you are unsure about the steps that you need to take to implement a robust computer security system, contact and speak to someone from a Denver computer security firm. These skilled and professional individuals will be able to guide you in the right direction of protecting your organization and client’s sensitive data. Remember, it is better to be protected than to fall victim to one of the many threats targeting the landscape of computer security.


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