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Denver Computer Service Certifications

We at NOYNIM want to share the great news that we just received our Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certification for Microsoft Server 2012.  Most Denver Computer Service organizations will tell you that they are certified, but they don’t possess expert level certifications.  You may ask yourself what that means.

Microsoft has so many certifications and all you need to do is pass one test to become “certified.”  That means someone can take a test in Microsoft Word and be “Microsoft Certified” We had to pass 5 advanced tests to get our MCSE certification.


Whenever someone tells you they are certified always ask what certification they have.  Generally speaking there are three levels: associate, professional and expert.  As you can tell, you always want your IT professionals to have expert level certifications.  We like to use the following analogy: “Why see a Certified Nursing Assistant

(CNA) when you can see the Medical Doctor (MD) for the same price?”


Here at NOYNIM we provide you expert certified engineers at the same price and sometimes lower than our competitors.  Next time you shop for a Denver Computer Service company ask the company what certifications they have and how many.  It is also important to ask them how current their certifications are.  For instance, there is an MCSE certification for server 2003 which everyone is phasing away from.  So if the Denver Computer Service company tells you they have a

2003 MCSE its pointless as everyone is moving to server 2012; requiring an experienced firm to have a 2012 MCSE.


We ask that you consider NOYNIM for your next Denver computer service company to help you with all of your IT service needs.  Not only are we true experts in our field, we will also sit down with you in a non-intimidating way and explain every step of the process.



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