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Denver Computer Services and Consulting IPv6

NOYNIM continues to have the WOW factor on every project.  Not only are we Denver’s most cost effective IT consulting firm, we are also the most experienced.   We take what we do very seriously and provide the most solid, stable and measurable solution in Denver.

Ipv6 is  going to become the De facto standard of networking in a few years.  Hear at NOYNIM we have professionals that are ready to go and fully understand Ipv6.  This is very important when picking our a Denver IT consulting or Denver IT service organization since this will be the computer addressing of choice.

Everyone has heard that Ipv6 will provide more Ips; in fact we should never run out of IP addresses.  Some additional benefits of Ipv6 are:

  • Elimination of NAT and PAT

◦     Since there are so many IP addresses routers/firewalls will no longer need to NAT/PAT a private/public IP address.

  • Simplified header structures

◦     Ipv6 allows routers and other networking devices to forward/deliver packets faster then ever before

  • Security

◦     With Ipv6 you will have the option to use IPSec for true end to end encryption

  • Quality of Service will be improved

◦     This is a huge benefit which will help many technologies such as VOIP

There are many more benefits but those are some of the big ones.

ISPs are already starting to implement Ipv6, but it is not the standard yet.  Companies shouldn’t be too concerned that they are not on Ipv6 yet, but they should start thinking about it.  This is great because it will allow smaller organizations to reserve there own IP blocks whereas before you had to be a large organization to purchase an Ipv4 block.

Please contact NOYNIM today at 720.524.8616 if you are interested in learning more about Ipv6 or want to talk to the most experienced IT Service and Consulting organization in Denver.


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