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Denver Computer Services Firms Help Expose Issues behind Network Security


What do all modern organizations have in common? Believe it or not, the answer is “network security”. The truth is we often take for granted the integral role information technology plays in a company’s operation.

Denver computer services firms are aware that the necessary presence of IT makes network security a priority. Businesses need to safeguard their data while keeping their systems at optimal functionality in order to remain competitive.

The Best Advice FromDenver Computer Services

While just simply unplugging may seem like the only fool-proof answer to network security threats, we all know that is not a practical solution! So, here are some ways to keep your IT systems safe.

  • Choose and handle passwords carefully. Make access passwords at least eight characters long and be sure to include a mix of numbers and letters (in both upper and lower case). Change the password regularly – at least every 90 days is the usual recommendation. Keep it in a secure location and do not share it with anyone.
  • Get good firewall protection. Communication is a key element of your business, but the internet is rife with data that can possibly harm your system. Good hardware and software firewall protection can monitor how your system communicates via the internet. It will block dangerous data while allowing good data to reach you.
  • Update your anti-virus regularly. Old anti-virus software will only protect you from old viruses. You need to ensure that your servers and workstations all carry updated versions of anti-virus software. This is not a tedious task, since your server can update it automatically on every workstation.
  • Use email anti-virus and spam filters. Even legitimate emails can have viruses imbedded either directly in them or in attachments. Invest in an email anti-virus filter to detect, quarantine and notify you of viruses in pieces of email you receive. Spam filters are vital to spare you the tonnes of useless and unsolicited emails that are sent out daily.

Another area of concern

While computer systems and the software they handle are a source of vulnerability to your network security, an often overlooked threat comes from a company’s human resources. Employees must be sensitized about the risks they create by using company hardware to access questionable sites, or by making their passwords easily retrievable by an outside source. They should also be mindful of the risk of uploading viruses to the company’s system via external storage devices such as flash drives and portable hard disks.


The experts at Denver computer services firms know that from hardware to software to cloud services and beyond, the influence of IT is pervasive throughout any organization’s structure. That omnipresence carries with it the very real and dangerous risk of network security threats. By partnering with an experienced computer services provider, these risks can be greatly reduced.


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