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Denver IT Consulting Gaming Industry

It is a common misconception that only businesses in the information technology industry require assistance implementing a robust IT system. Get that thought out of your head immediately. It is imperative that you know that a very wide spectrum of businesses today need to have reliable IT systems in place for the efficient function of their businesses, and this also applies to the casino and gaming industry. Allow NOYNIM to guide you in the right direction of creating and implementing a state-of-the-art IT system, while remaining compliant with various industry and federal standards.


Due to the nature of the business of the casino and gaming industry, the United States government classifies this particular industry as a form of financial institution; as such, they are required to be in compliance with the same anti-money laundering and terrorism laws and regulations that other financial institutions (such as credit unions and banks) have to be compliant with. It is therefore in your best interest that you seek assistance from a top-notch IT services Denver company, in order for you to ensure that you are adhering to federal and industry regulations such as Red Flags, the USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC and the Bank Secrecy Act.


If you wish to stay on the right side of the law, it is vital that you seek professional help to develop an IT system that will meet the minimum standards of the casino and gaming industry. Some of these standards are inclusive of:

  • Satisfactory systems for record keeping.
  • Well-documented procedures that are used for training staff in functions related to the casino and gaming industry.
  • Well-documented procedures that are used for handling incident escalations and complaints related to the casino and gaming industry.
  • An agenda that outlines compliance matters that are to be discussed at meetings of partners, management committees, or board of directors.
  • The mandatory training of all individuals who carry out gaming tasks or duties.


For years, NOYNIM has been helping a large number of businesses, including those in the casino and gaming industry, with their IT infrastructure and compliance needs. We strive to work closely with you, to ensure that all your casino and gaming industry needs are met. Do not make the mistake of ignoring compliancy regulations. If you do, you will risk losing your business and paying the government a hefty fine.


Protect your casino and gaming business by staying compliant with NOYNIM. As a well-respected Denver computer consulting company, we can provide you with compliance services and compliance software solutions such as:

  • Using federal and industry standards to evaluate the risks of your business, and then offering you cost effective solutions that will aid your company in becoming compliant with the casino and gaming industry regulations.
  • Using the latest and the best technology to create and implement an IT system that will ensure that your company is in keeping with the regulations set by the casino and gaming industry.


The regulatory environment changes rather quickly these days. As such, it has become a lot more difficult for gaming and casino analysts, advisors, regulators and operators to keep up with all these complex changes. NOYNIM is here to make the process much easier for you. Once you come in our office and speak with one of our trusted and highly trained professionals, you will soon realize that it makes no sense to figure out this mind-boggling task on your own. We are here to help.


Our IT services Denver company does not seek to provide you with the most expensive solution available. On the other hand, we will work closely with you to procure a package that will not only solve your compliance issues, but will fit within your budget as well. As such, you will have no need to ‘break the bank’ in order to pay for our services.


Keep in mind that when you hire us at NOYNIM, we will start working with you immediately by assessing your company’s current system. Once we have done this, we will provide you with a report outlining all the software and hardware updates that are necessary to create your company’s new and improved IT system. When the necessary software and hardware updates have been completed, we will begin the task of developing and implementing a cutting edge system that will be in compliance with today’s casino and gaming standards.


Here at our Denver computer consulting company, we know that if you do not comply with the industry’s regulations, you will not only be susceptible to government fines, but you will also lose the respect and the trust of your customers and business partners. Therefore, it is our job to prevent your company from falling prey to the non-compliance consequences that other casino and gaming companies have fallen prey to.


Do not hesitate to call or visit NOYNIM today to find out about our array of cost effective compliance solutions that will be the right fit for your casino and gaming company.



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