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NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting Microsoft Office 365

NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting has embraced and supports the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 in the recent years.  When it first was released there were a lot of issues and limitations but today the product is very good and stable.  Office 365 is a vehicle for cloud and or subscription based services.  Today we are going to focus on Microsoft Office 365 Exchange.

Office 365 Exchange is a great alternative to an onpremise solution.  One of the most costly expenditures in going to Office 365 Exchange is the consulting fees associated with migration.  There are many migration tools provided by Microsoft and other 3rd parties but companies need to make sure the transition happens smoothly, properly and timely.  If you have a small amount of mailboxes (under 30) then the consulting costs are high.  One the other hand if you have a large amount of mailboxes you can take advantage of migration tools provided by Microsoft and other 3rd parties.  After a successful migration you will not have to worry about maintaining an onpremise Exchange server.  On the other hand you still need to maintain the Exchange infrastructure.  Some examples are:

  • Security governance around exchange server
    • What are your default permissions for calendar sharing
    • Are you going to have an email retention policy
    • Do you perform email archiving
  • Ediscovery
    • Do you need ediscovery capabilities
    • Defining ediscovery capabilities
  • Shared mailboxes
    • Setting up and maintaining shared mailboxes
  • Public folders
    • Proper setup and governance around public folders

Keep in mind that going to Office 365 is not going to save you money, in some cases it will cost you more.  It will shift your focus and where you spend time and money.  For example, you will not need to worry about purchasing Microsoft Exchange server licenses and user CALs as that will be handled by Office 365.

While some organizations benefit greatly from Office 365 there are others that don’t.  Some of NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting clients that are heavily regulated tend to run their own private exchange server.  Examples of these clients are gaming and financial.  If these clients want to outsource their exchange infrastructure they generally look for an exchange offpremise hosted environment.  This is a private exchange server in a datacenter that is dedicated for them versus an offpremise 365 exchange cloud product which is a multi-tenant environment.

Email systems are complicated and require a lot of thought into transition, especially for larger deployments.  That’s where NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting comes in as we provide expert consulting services for your migration.  Whether you are installing exchange in the cloud, offpremise or onpremise we can help.  Our engineers will be there every step of the way to make sure you have a smooth, proper and timely transition.  Please email us at sales@noynim.com or contact us at 720.524.8616×1 today.


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