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Denver IT Services Cloud Computer Services

Denver IT Services NOYNIM would like to spend some more time talking about the cloud.  “Cloud” is one of the biggest buzz words in IT.  We like to think of it as a marketing term.  Before the tech boom (late 90s) IT was centralized.  Back then the buzz word was mainframe and large datacenters.  In the late 90s and until recently we went away from this model and moved to distributed computing.  Distributed computing allowed companies to localize their infrastructure and not have to rely on mainframe.  This allowed for faster communication and companies to have complete ownership. 

Today the cloud is no different than the centralized mainframe model.  Denver Computer Services NOYNIM takes a neutral approach to cloud and leverages it when possible put also points out things that people don’t always think of.  Below are some points to ponder when considering cloud based solutions:


  • ·         Who is really storing your data?
    • o   If you read the fine print you may be paying one company that is a broker for multiple companies hosting your data.
  • ·         What is the backup plan or migration off of the cloud or transition to another cloud provider?
    • o   If you are unhappy with your cloud provider how do you migrate to a new one?  Will they work with other companies to move data?
  • ·         In addition to redundant servers what backup strategy do they have?
    • o   Today datacenters are very redundant and provide good redundancy.  What a lot of them lack is granular backups and a good backup architecture for your data.  What happens when you corrupt an individual file or need to restore just one file?  Cloud providers can usually provide a restore to a certain time which restores everything to a certain time but doesn’t provide that single file recovery.
  • ·         How secure is your data?
    • o   When you are in the cloud you are often intermingled with other tenants and there is a huge lack of segregation and security.  When malware is introduced into one customer/tenant then everyone else can negatively affected.
  • ·         Speed
    • o   Cloud providers are all about oversubscription would causes a huge choke point for bandwidth.  In addition now you, the client, is moving to a hub technology (before switches) and pushing all data through one pipe.  Most people don’t realize that a switched network provides dedicated bandwidth and when you go to the cloud you are pushing everything through one pipe.  Bandwidth is still expensive, especially if you want good upload speeds.

NOYNIM urges you to think through some important points before entrusting a cloud provider.  We are here 24/7 for you and to meet all of your technology needs.  Please call us today at 720.524.8616 for a free three hour consultation and assessment.


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  1. NOYNIM Cloud computing solutions on November 26th, 2013 11:01 am

    There is no doubt that Cloud is one of the biggest buzz words in IT and thanks for sharing information on cloud solution. It’s really informative post.

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