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Denver PCI Compliance Help

If your company is in any way responsible for transmitting, processing or storing cardholders’ payment information, you are required by law to have PCI Compliance. Getting a PCI compliance means that you agree to various practices and technologies that will help to protect the personal information of cardholders. Additionally, this security solution requires that you subject your company to network scans (executed quarterly) and security audits (done annually).

NOYNIM is the ideal company to help you gain access to all the technologies that you need to become PCI compliant. These popular Denver IT services will show you why PCI Compliance is vital for your company, and the key features you should take into consideration when choosing this form of security solution.

The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard was primarily designed to protect cardholder information. This information that the PCI DSS was designed to protect includes PAN (Primary Account Number) and any other important and sensitive information that is stored in a debit or credit card’s magnetic strip.

As a company doing business with customers from around the country and the globe, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that customers using their debit or credit cards on your website are protected from any type of data breach. Being PCI compliant does not only aid your customers but it also helps you, as the penalties associated with being non-compliant can cost you a lot.

Companies that are non-PCI compliant can face a variety of penalties such as: having to pay a substantial fee (in some cases it can be as much as $500,000), degradation of the brand and also being prohibited from processing transactions that involve payment cards. Being non-compliant is a serious offense; therefore, it is in your company’s best interest to work with a Denver computing consulting company in order to obtain the technologies required to become compliant.

The scope of the PCI Data Security Standard is very wide; as such, you may find it rather difficult to deal with. The foundation of this standard consists of 12 requirements and six goals, which are further broken down into very detailed processes and controls that your company needs to meet in order to obtain your PCI Compliance. This is why you need to hire the services of IT security professionals (such as NOYNIM) to assist you in executing the right compliance program for your company.

You ought to take into consideration that the PCI Compliance program that you choose must be able to do two very important things:

  1. The program must meet all of the requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Council.
  2. Regularly auditing controls, so that you can ensure that the compliance and cardholder data protection is continuous.

Once your company’s PCI Compliance program is able to execute the two requirements listed above, you can guarantee that you will not have any issues with security breaches related to cardholders’ data. By keeping your customers’ data secured, you are proving to them that you are a provider who can be trusted; therefore, increasing your rank in your niche market.

Denver computer services like NOYNIM can easily help you to achieve your PCI Compliance goals. Whether you are new to PCI, or simply interested in consulting and guidance on various compliance technologies, you can trust that you will be provided with great service in addition to having a PCI Compliance program that meets all the requirements and goals of the PCI Data Security Standard Council.

When hiring a service to help you with your company’s PCI Compliance, you should expect solutions such as:

  • Consulting and Management Related to Compliance
  • Assessment of ROC
  • Gap Analysis
  • Consulting for Remediation
  • Analysis of the Business Impact

Knowing what to expect from a Denver IT consulting company, will make it easier for you to confidently choose an effective PCI Compliance program. As stated before, choosing the right program is not only in the best interest of your clients, but it is in the best interest of your company as well.

Do not allow your company to be drawn through the hallway of humiliation by not getting PCI compliant. The consequences of not being PCI compliant do not only involve paying fines or being banned from processing transactions, but there is also the risk of you losing your customers and your brand being degraded, which in turn will cause you to lose your business.

The best thing for you to do is to work with NOYNIM, a Denver IT consulting company, to properly assess the requirements and goals of the PCI Compliance, and to ensure that an efficient system is created that meets those goals and requirements. Do not risk losing your customers. Take the necessary steps to protect your company and your customers by becoming PCI compliant.


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