3 Cybersecurity Trends to Ask Your Managed IT Services Provider About in 2023

Since technology is ever-evolving, malicious actors are always adapting their approach. Consequently, the biggest cybersecurity risks facing businesses are always changing, as well. For this reason, the best managed IT services providers make sure to stay on top of all the latest trends in tech. As long as they’re in the know, they can deploy actionable measures to better protect their clients. 

Of course, it’s also wise for the clients themselves to stay in the know. After all, the biggest security threats come from within, in the form of the organization’s own employees. Companies that want to keep hackers at bay need to train their team members continuously to avoid falling victim to scams. With that in mind, here are three looming cybersecurity trends to be aware of as we dive into the second half of 2023:

1. Cloud Vulnerabilities

As businesses migrate most, if not all, of their operations to cloud-based platforms, cloud security becomes increasingly more important. Malicious actors can use the cloud to disseminate malware that allows them to carry out massive attacks with far-reaching implications. 

Since many cloud solutions rely on supply chain managers to integrate with business systems, third-party attacks are also an issue. The more platforms that an organization relies on, the more vulnerabilities they may be exposed to, making them a larger target for hackers. 

Businesses can address security threats stemming from the cloud by bolstering their IT infrastructure. With help from a managed services provider, they can protect their cloud architecture in a more comprehensive way. Effective strategies include enabling multi-factor authentication and adopting zero trust access.  

2. Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, are prolonged attacks in which intruders gain access to vulnerable networks and remain undetected for some time. As long as they’re undetected, they can steal sensitive information, destroy data, conduct corporate espionage, or commit crimes for financial gain.

Cybersecurity services that can protect against APTs include deploying firewalls, managing business assets, applying patches as needed, and engaging in continuous monitoring.  

3. Metaverse Weaknesses

Businesses that use the metaverse are often one step ahead of their competition, but at what cost? While harnessing the power of the metaverse allows them to deliver better outcomes, it also exposes them to malicious actors. This is especially true when the metaverse is integrated with cutting-edge technologies. Much like cloud platforms, the metaverse invites hackers to infiltrate organizations via third parties. Phishing and malware attacks are two of the most common threats carried out in the metaverse, followed by biometric hacking and identity theft. 

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