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Don’t let Budgetary Limitations Cripple your IT Efforts, Contact IT Consulting Services NOYNIM today

I am sure you, like us, are being asked to do way more than in years past with much less than you think is necessary to get those tasks done.  Wasn’t technology supposed to solve all of these problems??  We all run up against trying not to spend all of our budget money, and trying to get all the stuff we need to get done is a serious draw on our budget of time.  When you have many tasks to get done in the typical work week, why not consider off-loading some of the menial tasks to us?  “But” you say, “this article is supposed to be about limited budget money, where and I going to find the money to hire things done when I already don’t have enough for my goals this year?”

The solution is something called the Minimum Effective Dose (MED), and it’s defined as the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.  I originally ran across this concept when researching fat-loss techniques in a book called The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.  The example from his book made sense to me – Boiling water.  The MED for boiling water is 212°F, and adding more heat will not make the water “more boiled.”  Higher temperatures only serves to consume more resources which could be used for something else.

So what is your MED for computer work around your IT department?  If you have 10 things to get done in a month, but 2 of them are routine tasks that could be done by someone else that costs less than your time does, why are you adding more heat to already boiling water?

“Because,” you repeat to me, “I DON’T HAVE the budget money.”  This is where I suggest to you that it’s time to seriously reassess what you are spending your time (also a budgetary resource) doing every week/month/year.  If you are an IT professional within a company, we could estimate your time at say, $50 per hour (including benefits, taxes, timeoff, etc).  If you were to shuffle some of the tasks that take you away from meaningful work and growing your vision for the IT consulting services within your organization, then how much “money” at $50 per hour would you reclaim?  Go back to the list of 10 things you have to get done this month; the 2 that you decide are routine and an IT company could come in and take care of for you might amount to much less budget money than you think.  Then you can focus your efforts on the high priority tasks that are worthy of your time at $50 per hour.

Paying someone else to do these tasks also gives you the right to hold them accountable!  When scouting for the right IT services company to take this work off of your plate and get it done, make sure you are talking to the right people.  If reporting is essential to you so you know it’s getting done, make that a stipulation for us winning your business.  Make sure the firm is ok with the small amount of hours you will be using every month, and are not going to hold you hostage with some “Managed Services” contract.  You need to find a group that will use the time you are paying them for effectively, thus bringing the most value to your organization for the right price.  Essentially, your IT organization’s MED.

Give us a call and let’s see if the way we supplement IT departments and IT personnel would work for your organization.  Erik Cox 720.524.8616 x 218.



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