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Dual Factor Authentication

Do you have a problem with trying to keep your passwords safe? The Denver computing consulting firm of NOYNIM has the solution to your problem. This solution comes in the form of dual factor authentication. What exactly is dual factor authentication and how does it work?

Simply put, dual factor (or two-step) authentication is the process by which you are asked to verify your identity using two steps, in order to gain access to services on a business or personal network. This type of authentication generally requires a physical component (such as an ATM card or a phone) and an intangible component (such as a PIN or a code that is sent to your phone).

Before you start searching for Denver computer services that will assist you in implementing the dual factor authentication in your company, you must determine whether or not it is the right security choice for your business, and which type of this authentication you wish to utilize.

Yes, believe it or not, there are multiple types of dual factor authentication systems that are available on the technological market today. These types of the two-step authentication are inclusive of:

  • Image-based Authentication (primarily used by financial organizations)
  • SMS Authentication
  • Device or User Certifications
  • Physical Tokens (which is the most popular type of dual factor authentication)

Not only do you have to consider the various types of dual factor authentication that are available, but you also have to take into consideration what you will be using this security solution for.

As a qualified Denver IT consulting company, NOYNIM has the ability to sit with you, assess the needs of your company, and help you decide whether you need two-factor authentication solely for remote access, or if you are going to use it on your office desktops as well. It is important for you to bear in mind that while this specific type of authentication is beneficial to some areas of your business; it can be burdensome in other areas.

By looking at elements such as cost and risk, you can easily determine if it is best to use dual factor authentication on your business applications and systems. For instance, it makes no sense to go out of your way to implement this type of authentication solution if your company’s systems have limited to no risk of having a security breach.

Truth be told, not everyone is crazy about dual factor authentication, as there are those that believe that it is not safer than using a single password. You should therefore take a look at some of the benefits of this security solution (listed below), and hopefully they will aid you in determining to make the switch.

  • Increased Productivity – Due to the fact that this security solution enables persons to work remotely, you will definitely see a huge improvement in productivity, as your staff will be able to work more flexible hours.
  • Less Theft of Valuable Data – As a result of the improved security features of two-factor authentication, it will be much more difficult for hackers and cyber thieves to gain access to and steal your business’ valuable data.
  • Improved Flexibility – This security solution gives you the option of allowing your staff to work remotely, which in turn increases flexibility as well as mobility.
  • Compliance Requirements – You no longer have to be concerned about meeting compliance requirements, as dual factor authentication meets audits and compliance requirements such as DPA (Data Protection Act); CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services); HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act); and PCI (Payment Card Industry).
  • Supports Multiple Platforms – This security solution is available on a number of platforms like mobile applications, on-demand, software and hardware.

It is a no-brainer that there are quite a number of companies that should be using dual factor authentication; particularly those companies such as e-commerce websites, government organizations and banks. In fact, any company that allows individuals to access company information should be using this security solution.

Gone are the days when the strength of your password and the safety of your information was dependent on a colored bar on your computer screen. Sorry to say, single factor authentication is far from being as safe as it used to be. The safety of your valuable data is now dependent on having a security solution such as the dual factor authentication, which makes it more difficult for hackers to access highly-important company information.

Although there are quite a number of Denver IT consulting firms that can assist you with implementing two-factor authentication in your company, none of them will provide you with the professional and affordable services that NOYNIM offers.

There is nothing better than knowing that your company’s valuable information is safely out of the reach of cyber thieves. By employing the Denver IT services of NOYNIM, you can guarantee that your valuable information will remain safe for years to come.


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