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Social networking is spreading like wild fire.  People are replacing traditional communication with social networking sites like facebook.  While this is great for people to stay in touch it poses a big security risk.  We are noticing that many people are posting way too much information on facebook.  Did you know that once you upload a picture to facebook you no longer own the rights?  Facebook can use your photos on their site exclusively without any further notice to you. 

Using privacy features on facebook does not always work.  There have been mistakes on facebook which cause people’s profile to be publically available.  This means that Google could cache your information which will remain on the internet forever.  Google and many other companies store everything indefinitely and have no delete options.

Whenever you post something on facebook keep in mind that everyone is watching.  Do not put anything up you don’t want your mom to see.  Also do not put anything that could cause current or future harm.  Criminals are getting very tech savvy and use various web sites to plan their attack.  That means that you should not advertise to the whole world you are leaving for a vacation for a week (you could come home to an empty house). 

Being the top computer security company in Denver NOYNIM is here to help.  Please visit our website for more security information or call us at 720.524.8616 if you want to get secure.


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