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Features Of A Good Denver IT Consulting Firm

As technology continues to drive more and more of our business affairs, the need for properly managed and executed IT systems becomes increasingly critical. Many companies have found it cost effective to go the route of outsourcing to fulfill their IT needs. Denver IT Consulting firms provide a wide range of services to help companies achieve their business goals.

While one important function of IT consultants is to offer advice on the best use of information technology within and for the company, IT consulting encompasses so much more. Here’s a look at some of the ways in which Denver IT consulting firms help with the administration, deployment and management of information technology to ensure organizations realize their full potential and are able to achieve set business objectives.

Services Provided by Denver IT Consulting Firms

  • IT Transformation

The company’s IT ability is brought in line with the expectations of customers and the requirements of changing data handling procedures.

  • Information Management

Intelligent data compression and re-duplication reduces operating and storage costs, and minimizes recovery time while increasing backup success rates. Structured and unstructured data are archived and managed with active archiving to improve backup and discovery.

  • Business Presence

Exposure is increased through website development that helps to generate more business and incorporates search engine optimization; social media management; and newsletter and email campaigns.

  • Security

Implementation risks are kept a minimum while you get increased protection against security threats. Assets at risk are quickly identified and the company’s incident response mechanism is re-organized and prioritized.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Success is guaranteed with carefully planned and managed system changes caused by modifications to business structure before, during and after acquisitions, divestitures, mergers and separations.

  • Storage and Availability

Storage and server resources are optimized as the utilization of storage across heterogeneous platforms is maximized. There is an improvement in current policies, processes and storage management. Conversely, your business experiences a reduction in data loss, downtime and known implementation risks.

  • Mobile Security

Assessments are done of current or projected exposure to information security risks by locating gaps within your business’ mobile programs, policies and processes.  Real-world OS and app-level attacks are simulated and solutions provided based on insight gained into mobile device use and available security controls.


Information technology is a vibrant and dynamic part of any successful business. When properly managed and executed, it can make a world of difference between the growth of a company and its stagnation or decline. In-house IT departments may be limited in their abilities or be too costly to maintain. For such cases, the services of a Denver IT consulting firm are your best bet for ensuring the continued productivity of your company.


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