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Filling CMT Roles Through An IT Solutions Company (Denver)


The roles and responsibilities of the Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) are fully understood by the experts at an IT solutions company. Denver has many to choose from, each of which can assure your company of the very best in CMT services to drive the growth of your business.

The CMT is an executive or C-level position that combines both marketing and technology in a bid to evaluate and select marketing technology best suited to the needs and culture of the company. This newly coined and genuinely relevant position requires the skills of someone who can blend creativity with both strategy and technical knowledge.

An IT Solutions Company (Denver) As Your CMT

CMTs go by many names but their functions are all the same. Global Head of Marketing Technology, Head of Marketing Technology and Business Information Officer are just a few of the different designations given to this one post. Regardless of the terminology used, consider outsourcing for a CMT  to get the very best there is in both marketing and technology services.

Businesses have come to realise that while spending on digital marketing absorbs a large chunk of their expenditure, it is also the area in which they are seeing the greatest return on investment (ROI). Even companies that already have a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Companies will ideally still require a CMT.

As any IT solutions company (Denver or elsewhere) would be quick to point out, the CMT is vitally important and should not be confused with or over-shadowed by the CMO. Experts at your outsourced IT firm can able give you the benefit of both.

With the CMT you have a technically-inclined professional who understands the relationship between marketing and the use of technology to

  • analyse accumulated market data
  • determine the best use of social media
  • evaluate customer interactions with the company on all levels
  • drive sales

There are several obvious advantages to bringing in an outsource partner to assume the functions of you company’s CMT. Not least among these is that filling this position and retaining the talent once you do are both easier said than done.

Persons with the requisite qualifications are still hard to come by but you may be able to offer an attractive enough package to entice a candidate to your company. You must be aware, however, that the demand for them is so high, that your new CMT will be receiving a plethora of more attractive offers before they can comfortably settle in behind their desk.


No doubt, many more technology related executive level positions are on the horizon. It is the trend of our digitally driven world. Outsourcing to IT specialist like you find at an IT solutions company Denver is the best way for you and your company to stay ahead of the game.


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