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Fortigate/Fortinet TFTP Issues

I have seen a lot of issues using tftp to upload a new image to a fortinet/fortigate device so i figured i would provide some information.

First off I am assuming you have a console connection to the Fortigate and are in the preboot configuration.  You should also press G to get into the tftp image upload mode.

If you are using Windows 7 you need to do the following:

  1. download the appropriate image for the fortigate you are using.  In my example i am using a 60C.  After you download the file make sure to unlock it:

2.  After you do this you need to properly configure your tftp application.  I like to use tftpd32

3.  in the tftp settings make sure you select the PXE compatibility option in the advanced section as seen below:

Hope this helps you out.  If you need anything else please feel free to browse all of our Denver Computer Services or Denver IT Services pages at noynim.com.




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