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To hire or not to hire IT consulting?

When your company gets to the size where you need someone focused on the computers full time, you have a decision to make.  Should you hire an IT person for your staff, or to have local Denver IT Consulting company do it for you?  Of course, we are biased… but hiring a company to do your computer work makes more financial sense, more scalable sense, and enables accountability.

The financial considerations for hiring a person versus a consulting company are more overreaching thank you might initially think.  First what you decide your budget for this person is, then add in all the taxes and benefits you offer as an organization.  Sick time, vacation, PTO… whatever you call it, that is time your will not have the person available to work on your network and computers at the office.  That is usually when something breaks!  We suggest hiring a company with multiple certified technical staff members, that way you don’t have to worry about any of the things listed above.

This leads me to consider the accountability of the company or the individual you are considering hiring.  When an employee messes something up, you let it slide because they are human after all.  But consider that when you hire a company instead of a person to manage your computer system, you have a right to satisfaction.  At NOYNIM, we have a policy that if you are ever not happy with the service we give, you don’t pay for it.  Try doing that with an employee!

Lastly, you want your IT solution to be scalable.  If you hire one person, the only way to scale or grow is to hire more people.  When you hire a team of certified IT professionals you get the benefit of the depth of all the resources that work on that team.  If anyone on the team gets beyond their own expertise, they don’t have to rely on the search engines for help.  They can lean on the rest of their team and get your system fixed properly the first time.

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