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Hosted Ticketing System for Denver Computer Services

NOYNIM is proud to announce that we are now providing a hosted ticketing solution.  OTRS is an open source ticketing system that we use and have heavily customized.  We feel that with our customization other organizations can benefit too.  Whether you are an IT service organization or a company seeking a ticketing system we can be your one stop shop.  With various solutions we can meet anyone’s needs.  You can choose from various cloud/hosted solutions as well as on premise solutions.  With our ticketing systems you can start tracking all of your requests and time.  Managers can have reports created for them that will show how much time each person is spending on tickets.  Detailed notes can also be tracked in the ticketing system for end users.

Ticketing systems should be a vital part of computer support and services organizations in Denver and throughout the world.  NOYNIM’s ticketing solution will provide that for you and allow you to be accountable for everything that you do.  No longer will customer need to verify that you received their call or email.  All they need to do is simply get their ticket number to track the state and progress of their request.  In addition managers can track performance and completion easily by looking at the ticketing system and determine the current state.

Other nice features that are provided for computer service organizations is the billing module.  With the billing module you can bill all of your clients from a centralized platform.  Often times billing is very cumbersome and burdensome but with our enhanced billing module you can simply run reports and bill from the ticketing system.  The billing module is an addon feature and may not be desired for everyone.  If you are a non Denver IT services organization you may not want the billing feature as all of your customers are internal.

The engineer/technician module is a way to get a report on how well utilized your engineer/technician is.  Reports can be run in realtime to provide an accurate measure on all tickets on the time spent on each ticket.  The report will provide the manager with: ticket information, date and time spent on each ticket.  This report is great to justify hiring more individual to support a growing IT team.

NOYNIM’s ticketing system is entirely based on linux so you will never need to purchase a windows license.  The code is versatile and can be run on all major linux distributions today.  Another great feature of our ticketing system is that it is viewable in all major browsers including mobile devices.  Users and technicians/engineers can work on their tickets on merely any device.

Submitting tickets can easily be inputted through a web GUI or sending an email.  This ticketing system is managed completely through a web browser meaning that you will never need any 3rd party applications installed on your machine.  End users will have a different interface which will allow them to create, view and search tickets belonging to them or the group/company that they manage.


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