The challenge of ensuring our business’s digital assets remain secure is ever-present. Google’s new product, the Titan Security Key, offers a promising solution to the growing concern of cyber threats.

Passwords have been the go-to for digital security, yet they are becoming an increasingly frustrating and insecure means of protection. The global tech scene has been pushing for a more effective alternative, with cryptographic passkeys leading the charge. Google is at the forefront of this shift with the release of the updated Titan Security Key, offering the ability to store passkeys directly on a physical device for heightened security.

These new keys can store over 250 unique passkeys and replace Google’s previous USB-A and USB-C devices. Setting up a passkey on a Titan device involves creating a PIN code that, along with the security key, is used to log in to various accounts.

Titan Security Key by Google
Titan Security Key by Google

Benefits of Security Keys over Traditional Passwords

  • Risks from malware or phishing are reduced to nearly zero for individuals as passwords cannot be stolen and used when the physical key is always required.
  • Because the device stores hundreds of passwords, you are more likely to have a strong, unique password for every login since you aren’t tasked with remembering each one.
  • Using a physical device paired with a pin means that every single login you deploy from the key is protected with multi-factor authentication (2 or more methods of verification).
Yubico's Yubikey Password Security Key
Yubico’s Yubikey Password Security Key

Hardware authentication tokens like the Titan Security Key or Yubico’s Yubikey provide unique protection benefits as standalone devices. Nonetheless, they require stringent security maintenance to prevent potential vulnerabilities. These companies ensure the integrity of their product through rigorous internal security reviews, along with independent assessments by reputable external auditors.

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