7 Ways Partnering Your In-House IT Team with a Co-Managed IT Service Will Benefit Your Business 

Are you a business leader interested in providing your in-house IT staff some additional support & resources? There is a service offering often provided by IT Consulting firms referred to as Co-Managed IT Services where an outsourced IT provider can provide additional, supplemental support & managed IT services to your internal IT staff.  

When you engage an IT firm like NOYNIM for Co-Managed IT Services, your internal IT team will receive additional support from a team of certified IT professionals with specialized expertise, who have access to additional managed IT services that will fuel your company’s IT maturity. 

To better understand what Co-Managed Services are, we encourage you to read our recent post What are Co-Managed IT Services?   

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Now that you understand what Co-Managed Services are, let’s explore how they work. Here are seven popular services that you can expect to receive when you engage with a Co-Managed IT service provider:  

1. Proactive Support Services  

One way that a Co-Managed IT Service offers value is through proactive monitoring & network vulnerability scanning. You do not have to wait until something goes terribly wrong to identify a potential IT environment shortcoming. When you partner with an outsourced IT team, you can get access to state-of-the-art monitoring & threat-mitigation technologies. 

You will rest assured knowing your IT environment is under constant surveillance. Modern solutions can detect weak points in your IT environment and mitigate suspicious activities. Your Co-Managed IT team can help predict, troubleshoot, and resolve issues more efficiently. 

2. Firewall Management Services  

Your company’s firewall(s) is extremely important, as this appliance or service acts as the perimeter defense system for your organization’s IT network, and often the first line of defense in preventing cyberattacks. 

Deploying, configuring and managing firewalls can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the IT experts at a certified Co-Managed Service provide should have extensive experience with firewall security, and Firewall Management. You can rely on them to establish an effective barrier between your trusted network and external sources.  

3. Advanced Security Solutions  

Cybersecurity is a major concern for modern business leaders. Maintaining a secure IT environment is essential to daily business regardless of your industry. A Co-Managed Service can implement advanced IT security solutions to safeguard your network.  

Through next-generation cybersecurity Services, your network, systems, and company data will remain safe from intruders. You will receive the time and attention from certified security experts. You also receive the benefit of automated threat detection, analysis, and mitigation capabilities.  

4. Data Backup Solutions  

With the unpredictable nature of IT, data backups are paramount. Yet, understanding where and how to Backup your organization’s critical information can be overwhelming. The staff at a Co-Managed IT Service are experts in this field. They can customize a data backup solution considering any compliance and/or requirements.  

While predicting the future is difficult, their team can help ensure that your critical data remains protected from unforeseeable events. They also offer business continuity planning and disaster recovery simulation testing. The goal is to ensure your business has a backup plan that safeguards your data against any type of threats in line with modern requirements.   

5. Procurement  

In order to implement an IT solution that fits your unique needs, you need to procure the correct hardware & software. From servers to network equipment, a Co-Managed IT Service should have partnerships with VARs, to assist with various procurement needs.  

You can receive the benefits of close-working relationships with reputable vendors across the United States. Your relationship with your Co-Managed IT Service will guarantee you acquire the correct assets at the most competitive prices. 

6. Cybersecurity Awareness Training  

Cybersecurity attacks happen. Unfortunately, your employees are a target. That means employee education about cybersecurity is extremely important.  An effective cybersecurity awareness program is vital to your company’s overall IT security strategy & company culture. 

A Co-Managed IT Service can offer a wide variety of educational materials for your staff. Most modern solutions offer customizable educational video modules, with the capability to simulate phishing & spoofing attacks with reporting capabilities. This can help identify “weak users” and the opportunity to provide additional training to help identify email scams.   

7. On-demand Technical Support  

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with a Co-Managed IT Service is the 24/7 hands on deck. With professional help available around the clock, you can rely on their experienced technical support team, no matter the day or time. They are available to assist with resolving all your technical matters, regardless of complexity or day and time.  

Most Co-Managed Services will provide their clients with 24/7 IT support. Their staff is extensively trained in the two areas that matter most: technical expertise and customer service. With a friendly team available to your staff, you will seamlessly achieve an IT strategy that fuels your organization’s growth.  

NOYNIM IT Solutions  

At NOYNIM, we offer comprehensive & completely customizable Co-Managed IT Services. Imagine having:  

  • Less downtime  
  • Increased employee productivity  
  • Fewer surprise expenses  
  • A feeling of clarity & understanding when it comes to your IT needs & requirements  

We are an IT consulting company that values education, relevant work experience and strong customer service skills. Our team is composed of specialists who have obtained degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Network Engineering. We offer services to just about every industry including manufacturing, legal, education, finance, government, non-profit, oil & gas, and healthcare.  

NOYNIM was founded on the belief that all businesses deserve the same centralized support capabilities as large corporations, but at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to perpetuate the growth of our clients. We help to avoid the large overhead costs often associated with employing in-house IT staff.  

NOYNIM’s staff are leaders in the technology space. Our team has gold-standard and expert-level certifications with leaders in the technology space such as Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, VMware, and others. We act as innovation advisors to help you carve out a competitive advantage within your industry.  

Our consultants help you bridge the gap between ambitious business goals and the technology strategies that will help you get there. We are proud to be among the best IT consulting firms in the nation. 


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