How Managed IT Services Can Reduce the Cost of Doing Business

As 2022 comes to a close, companies everywhere are evaluating their finances. Considering recent economic trends, reducing overhead is on most people’s minds for 2023. For small to mid-sized businesses, cutting IT costs is often one of the easiest ways to do so. That doesn’t mean they should neglect their hardware, software, or cybersecurity protocols, though. 

In the digital age, maintaining technology is always a sound investment. In fact, it’s a must for ensuring seamless operations day in and day out. Unfortunately, smaller companies don’t typically have the funds to justify housing an entire IT department. Even hiring a single employee to handle their tech needs can cost upwards of six figures a year. Thankfully, there’s an affordable alternative, and it’s managed IT services. Check out some of the biggest financial benefits of using these services below:

1. A Single Monthly Fee

Budgeting is always easier when the expenses are predictable, and for most managed IT services plans, they are. While providers might charge additional fees for extra services, the typical contract includes a flat monthly rate, which should cover all the company’s anticipated needs. What’s more, this rate should be lower than the salaries of any in-house employees who are tasked with IT support.

2. A Reduced Risk of Downtime

IT issues can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars–or more–in downtime. For every minute the network is unresponsive, the business is losing productivity, which has a significant dollar value. 

When a company turns to a reliable provider for total IT support, downtime is unlikely. Managed service providers (MSPs) anticipate all the most common problems and errors given the client’s industry and then take steps to mitigate them. And if issues arise anyway, MSPs are usually highly responsive, since they offer 24/7 network monitoring. As such, they can jump in and start troubleshooting at the first sign of a problem. 

3. A More Secure Network

Managed IT services include cybersecurity strategies for protecting the company from malicious actors. In addition to ensuring compliance, which will prevent hefty fines, these strategies will mitigate cyber attacks that might otherwise have costly ramifications. The average small business doesn’t have the bandwidth to keep their systems secure, but if they turn to an MSP for total IT support, they’ll have peace of mind knowing their network is always protected from the latest threats. 

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