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How To Choose The Right IT Outsourcing Provider

Choosing the right IT outsourcing provider in the Denver-metro area is becoming more difficult.  Decision makers today are younger and understand IT and its importance at a growing rate.  The struggle comes into play when determining if an IT vendor is doing a good job.  Many times we see that IT vendors have enough knowledge to fool customers but not their peers.  While many tout IT certifications one should take them with a grain of salt.  Many of the certifications they have are the most basic; for instance a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is the most basic certification.  Possessing an MCP allows companies to say they are Microsoft certified, but doesn’t show any real knowledge.  In addition there are many sites that provide exact questions and answers to MANY IT certifications. 

Below are some questions that should be asked of a qualified IT vendor:

  • Provide multiple references of known businesses
  • Ask what kind of documentation is provided to me (the client)
    • A qualified IT vendor should create a disaster recovery document/files that details everything (passwords, configurations, backup schedules, software configurations, etc) and provide it to you
  • Determine how committed the IT vendor is to automation and how they plan on automating the environment
    • The nature of IT is to automate as much as possible and this should be done in order to reduce overall cost to the business.  This also includes automating IT tasks such as: patching, vulnerability assessment, backup monitoring, etc
  • Ask what kind of contractual agreements are required for Denver computer services
    • A Good IT vendor will let their work speak for themselves.  They will not require you to sign a yearly contractor requiring you to spend x amount of money every month.
    • There are some caveats if the client will need certain Service Level Agreements (SLA)
      • Most Denver small businesses that require IT support in the Denver Metro area will not require strict SLAs.

You can always call NOYNIM for IT services and we will do whatever it takes to get and maintain your business.  We pride ourselves in the IT services that we provide to our Denver-metro area customers.  Our skills and experience are the best in the state and speak for themselves.  We have plenty of references and can provide multiple documents and processes detailing our superior service and knowledge.  Denver computer outsourcing is a growing field that has few qualified vendors.


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