It’s not uncommon for a company’s IT infrastructure to get increasingly more complicated over time. As a business expands its scope of operations, its reliance on technology inevitably increases. Chances are executives aren’t auditing the entire network after every software update or hardware purchase, however. Consequently, the system gets bloated over time, hindering productivity in the process. 

Thankfully, there are several ways to implement more streamlined IT solutions without affecting operations. Read on for some of the most effective approaches: 

1. Automation

Incorporating automated processes wherever possible is one of the easiest ways to boost productivity across the board. Regardless of their industry, virtually all businesses can benefit from automating general functions like routine security checks and essential maintenance tasks. Most companies also have specific tasks that can be automated, thereby allowing for more consistency and fewer human errors as they carry out their operations.   

2. Consolidation

Almost every aspect of a company’s IT infrastructure—including its hardware, software, and cloud platforms—contains elements that can be consolidated to some degree. It may also be possible to merge vendors in a sense. In turning to a managed service provider, for example, a business can delegate the managing of all licenses, purchases, and subscriptions to their IT techs. This, in turn, will free them up to focus on what they do best.     

3. Cloud Computing

By harnessing the power of the “cloud,” companies free themselves of geographical constraints. Employees can work from anywhere with an internet connection using considerably less hardware, thereby reducing the organization’s overhead. Using a single platform also makes collaborating easier, so everyone can be more productive from day to day.  

When done the right way, cloud computing simplifies data storage, as well. In the event of a disaster, like a security breach or total system crash, this makes recovery a lot easier, so downtime will be limited.  

4. End User Training

No matter how much a business streamlines its technological infrastructure, it will only be as optimized as those using it. As such, end user training is a critical component of simplifying operations. Fortunately, this is something a managed service provider can assist with from day one. 

As part of their comprehensive services, providers usually offer technology training, which is designed to help employees adopt the newest processes with ease.  

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