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How to Purchase a Solid State (SSD) drive by Denver Computer Services NOYNIM

How to Purchase a Solid State (SSD) drive by Denver Computer Services NOYNIM

We here at NOYNIM provide the best Denver Computer Services money can buy.  An important aspect of our business is educating the user base and providing as much information as possible.  We understand that people in Denver want a Computer Services company that is highly technical and able to relay the information to the common consumer.  Today’s customer is getting more technical and requesting more information than ever before.  They are also able to comprehend a lot of the technical material.

In this article we are going to focus on the purchase of a Solid State Drive (SSD).  There are a lot of options/vendors selling SSDs and we want you to make an informed decision.

Are all SSDs Similar:

No, every manufacture puts their own special sauce to make their product stand out.  It is important to look at the key details to make an informed decision.


First you will need to decide how much capacity you need/want and the price you are willing to pay.  Keep in mind that SSDs are expensive drives so you probably don’t want to use them as your movie/photo/music archive.  NOYNIM, Denver Computer Services, recommends to use an SSD as your operating system (OS) and application drive.  Use a normal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for archiving purposes.  Speed, especially with computers is as fast as your weakest link.  That means that you will most likely face limitations from your optical drives then with your SSD.

With that said a drive 128GB-256GB should be sufficient for the average user.  Again, think of functionality not in terms of “how many movies can I put on here.”

Physical Compatibility:

It is important to know if your machine requires the standard 9.5 mm-thickness drive. Most SSDs are 7mm thick, so if yours requires the standard 9.5 mm, make sure your SSD comes with a spacer ring that increases its size.  Also, most SSDs have a 2.5” form factor so if you have a Desktop PC your drive probably has a 3.5” form factor.  If your Desktop PC doesn’t have a bay/tray for this you may need to purchase an adaptor.


You are buying an SSD for performance so make sure you get an SSD that is optimized for it.  SSDs are measured in how well they can access data randomly and sequentially.  Generally speaking sequential data are: movies, music and movies while applications, system logs, OS files are random.  Radom data typically is specified in input/output operations per second (IOPS).   The higher the IOPS the better performance you will have.  This means you will have faster application launch times, faster user file access and faster boot up time.  Most IOPS use 4 Kbytes for testing.  You should aim for a drive that can read 4 Kbytes of data at over 35,000 IOPS.

Sequential data reads/writes are typically measured using MB/s (megabytes per second).  Sequential reads/writes typically have less of a noticeable effect on performance.  This is the case because sequential data is limited by bus interfaces, protocols, devices such as USB 2.0, etc.  A good sequential drive should have read speeds over 250Mb/s.  Write speeds should be over 100MB/s.

Power Consumption:

SSD generally use less power but they can use more power if you have a better performing drive.  Idle power should be around ~75mW (milliwatts) and active power around ~150mW.


Make sure your SSD supports TRIM.  This feature allows the OS to inform the SSD which data blocks are no longer needed and can be deleted.  TRIM essentially allows the SSD to do its background “cleaning” in preparation to store new data.

Warranty and Support:

Lastly pick a reputable vendor that will warranty your SSD in case there are issues.



Please call NOYNIM at 720.524.8616 or email at sales@noynim.com for any additional information on Denver Computer Services.



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