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In-House IT Management vs. IT Consulting Services Denver

When it comes to maintaining their IT infrastructure, businesses in Denver can choose one of two options. On one hand, they can hire IT experts for an in-house IT department. On the other hand, they can outsource their IT needs from an IT consulting services Denver company. While both options can be beneficial, this decision largely depends on the overall needs of your company and the technical abilities of staff members.

IT Consulting Service Providers

An IT consulting company typically manages a business’s IT infrastructure remotely to improve flexibility and productivity among employees. Generally , hiring an IT consulting services Denver company will be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house IT staff. To create an in-house IT department most businesses will need to hire at least two experienced IT professionals or more depending on the size of their business.  Providing a salary for all members in an IT department is generally difficult, if not impractical, for small business owners. Outsourced IT support provides an affordable alternative while allowing small businesses to keep their IT infrastructure afloat.

Another reason why many businesses choose to outsource their IT needs is the fact that most companies will offer 24 hour support. By offering maintenance services 24/7, companies are able to reduce downtime that employees witness on a daily basis. It also ensures that the company’s IT system is always up and running smoothly.

In-House IT Support

An in-house IT support team can also be beneficial, though primarily for large businesses. With the appropriate qualifications and regular training, an in-house IT support team can cater to the specialized needs of your business’s IT system.

They can provide a quick and efficient solution to unpredicted problems in the IT system. However, with technology constantly changing, your employees will need to undergo regular training. The problem with this is that keeping them up-to-date with industry changes can be costly and time consuming. You also have to provide your IT support team with a regular salary that can exceed $30000 per year based on their qualifications and role. For instance, IT managers have a median income of $123,950.

In addition, providing vacation and sick days can be a limitation. For instance, if two members of your IT support team get sick at the same time, and a problem occurs while they’re away, your business could be significantly affected. For these reasons most businesses today opt for the easy option – hiring an IT consulting services Denver company with the right skills to mitigate everyday problems.

Relying on one or two persons is never the right choice. It’s always better to have a company on-call with enough experience, skill, and employees, to help you resolve problems with your IT system.

Suffering from Network downtime? The Right IT Services Denver Company Can Help

If you’re business has experienced several hours of downtime since the start of 2016, you’re not alone. A large majority of businesses today witness at least 14 hours of downtime annually. Whether you’re one of the lucky few to have only experienced 2 to 3 hours, there’s no doubt that “short” amount of time had a negative impact on your business. With that said, you may be in need of the assistance of an IT services Denver company.

On average small business experience a loss of more than $55,000 in revenue every year as a result of problems with their IT system, medium size business lose more than $91,000 and larger businesses lose as much as $1,000,000 per year.

While these numbers may seem a bit too high, consider how much you are paying idle members of staff and how much you have to invest to make up for the loss of productivity. All this revenue that was lost could have been funneled into your business or used to improve customer satisfaction.  One of the main things you can do to reduce network downtime is to hire the right IT services Denver company that can maintain your company’s IT system.

Consulting with the right IT services Denver company can drastically help to enhance the performance of your company’s network, servers, and workstation to reduce downtime. With lower downtime you’ll be able to improve productivity and enhance your overall revenue.


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