3 Reasons to Ask Your Cybersecurity Services Provider to Implement a Password Manager for Your Business

Operating a business in the digital age demands all kinds of credentials. Regardless of their industry, for example, most employees have at least half a dozen logins just to access the various programs they need to perform their job duties. Since every account carries the threat of a breach, practicing good password hygiene is imperative, and the easiest way to do so is by using a password manager.

Password managers are secure applications that store online credentials and then sync them across multiple devices. In other words, gone are the days of keeping passwords on Post-it Notes or in unsecure files.

Traditional password managers keep credentials within an encrypted database, which can only be accessed by a master password. Some of these applications will also generate strong passwords whenever the time comes to update logins (cybersecurity services providers advise clients to have employees change their passwords every three months).

Here are some of the biggest reasons why every business should use a password manager for all their credentials:

1. Maximum Security

Password managers make it easy to create strong passwords as they eliminate the need to memorize credentials or otherwise log them in an unsecure place. Consequently, these applications take the hassle out of maintaining good password hygiene. 

Employees can change their credentials every 90 days, for example, simply by updating the interface. What’s more, some programs will even generate the new passwords for them, so giving every account a unique login is as easy as accepting the proposed password with a single click.

It’s also worth noting that password managers help mitigate phishing attacks. If an employee is directed to a site that appears legitimate but isn’t actually the page they want, the password manager won’t autofill their credentials because it won’t recognize the URL. 

2. Total Convenience

Once all the data has been inputted into the password manager, deploying it is a breeze. By using it to autofill the credentials on their most used websites, employees can save a considerable amount of time and hassle over the course of the workday. They won’t have to dig out their various logins just to access essential programs, nor will they have to request to change their passwords because they forgot them after relying on rote memorization.

3. Secure Collaboration

With the right password manager, departments within a company can share credentials securely. Instead of texting or emailing the passwords for shared accounts, which is a recipe for disaster, employees can gain access to them by logging in to the password manager with their master password and then locating the accounts in question. This facilitates collaboration between team members and makes it easier for them to get more done faster.

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