When a law firm has a dedicated team of IT experts available, they can focus on what they do best. Instead of spending precious time and energy addressing IT issues, they can give clients their undivided attention and ultimately provide the strategic counsel that those who turn to them for help deserve. By partnering with NOYNIM for IT services customized for the legal services industry, you can free up your staff to focus on your clients all the while knowing you’re avoiding costly downtime, protecting sensitive data, and complying with complex regulations.

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Supported Industry Specific Applications

Filevine is legal management software that provides a diverse suite of solutions to help law firms with case/matter management, timekeeping, conflict checking, document management, in-depth workflow management and much more. Filevine has repeatedly been rated as a leading legal work platform with an emphasis on automation, versatility and customization; all while maintaining an easy-to-use cloud-hosted platform. As an IT provider for legal firms nationwide, we have the experience needed to help you determine if Filevine is the right solution for your firm. We work with FileVine regularly to assist our legal clients with customized integrations, migrations and overall management requirements.

Tabs3 provides an easy-to-use and reliable integrated suite of software solutions for law firms and legal professionals worldwide. Tabs3 software provides law firms of all sizes with billing and practice management solutions to help streamline their legal operations. With Tabs3’s innovative software, you can easily manage your company’s financials, billing processes and much more. Some of Tabs3 key features include time tracking, accounts payable, calendar integration, trust accounting, general ledger and billing rate management. Tabs3 also offers a Platinum edition which provides a native backup solution, SQL integration, advanced reporting and secure mobile functionality. If you’re considering Tabs3 as a practice management solution for your business, allow NOYNIM to help facilitate the migration process and perform regular maintenance to ensure that best practices are continuously met.

HotDocs is an industry favorite and global leader of legal document automation software. With HotDocs, legal firms and law professionals acquire a robust solution for document assembly, template customizations, standardization and unmatched efficiency for organizing your critical company data. Its revolutionary and easy-to-use platform provides the advanced tools required to create, generate, assemble and disseminate documentation based on your law firm’s unique requirements. At NOYNIM, we can help determine if HotDocs is the appropriate solution for your law firm and ensure that the transition is as streamlined as possible.

Worldox is a document and email management solution developed by World Software Corporation and is designed for use by legal firms of any size. Worldox stands out on core features such as document management, document profiling, full-text search, document version management and Microsoft Office integration.In addition to these core features, Worldox also provides additional security features such as user/group permissions, multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, geographic data redundancy and more. Worldox also excels in features such as external sharing, document collaboration and cross-compatibility of its digital content across various media platforms.

law tool box

LawToolBox provides legal professionals with a calendaring solution that is highly superior to any of its competitors. Lawtoolbox provides litigators and supporting staff with the ability to calculate deadlines for rule-based matters in almost all practice areas. To prevent tedious and time-consuming manual calendar entries, Lawtoolbox possess predefined rule-sets that cover the unique scheduling requirements of all 50 U.S. States. These rule-sets cover legal areas such as Administrative Law, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Federal/State Litigation and much more. With Lawtoolbox, you greatly reduce the likelihood of missed deadlines and resulting malpractice claims.

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution designed for both small and large legal firms. Clio was founded in 2007 and has quickly transformed into a trusted and favored platform within the legal community. Clio’s simple-to-use yet modern platform provides law firms with the ability to manage client cases, bill clients, accept payments, track important deadlines and much more. Since its inception, Clio was designed to replace the need for multiple different platforms to achieve a streamlined solution. With Clio, your law firm will receive an all encompassing solution for document management, case management and accounting software; all under one platform. With unlimited document storage and resource access from anywhere in the world, Clio is sure to become your legal firm’s critical hub for all your legal management needs.

practice master

Practice Master is an industry leader in practice management software and is built for law firms and legal professionals. TABS3 is the developer of Practice Master and opened for business in 1979 with the goal of helping law firms streamline industry requirements. Its simple to use application-based solution provides law firms with critical features such as case/matter management, time tracking, workflow automation, document management and calendar synchronization with Outlook. Additional features include conflict of interest searches, task management, expense tracking and in-depth reporting capabilities. At NOYNIM, we can help your firm with performing regular updates, migrations, user management and more.

Juris Suite is a legal practice management solution developed by LexisNexis and is designed to assist law firms with case management while maximizing firm profitability. This is achieved by utilizing Juris’ built-in tools which ensures that billed time is captured accurately while data analysis encourages better decision-making opportunities. Juris was developed in collaboration with attorneys and with one clear objective – to increase productivity and per-partner income. Juris Suite assists law firms with expense tracking, reporting, budgeting, collections and much more. A core feature that places Juris ahead of its competition is its integrated Business Intelligence (BI) functionality. It allows for cash flow and productivity monitoring on a customizable dashboard with alerts, charts, key performance indicators and more.

NOYNIM’s Customized IT Services for Law Firms

At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we deliver outstanding IT services customized for the legal services industry using strategic processes that are designed to help practices outperform their competition. Our certified experts have over a century of collective experience, making us capable of managing every aspect of your IT environment. From large scale elements like regulatory compliance and data backup to smaller day-to-day tasks, we do it all. We’ll strive to build a trusting partnership with your firm while providing personalized technical expertise every step of the way.

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NOYNIM’s Service Offerings

IT security image

IT Security and Cybersecurity

Our clients interact with highly sensitive data, and we’re proud to help them implement protocols that protect it.

Managed Cloud Computing

Managed Cloud Computing

With cloud solutions, companies can manage operations remotely. We’ll help you ensure your remote access is secure, compliant, and efficient.

IT consulting image

IT Consulting

Our industry experts help companies bridge the gap between their current state and their future goals.

Server management image

Server Management

Servers are a critical component of your IT infrastructure, and we’ll help you maintain them to ensure your company’s success.

Managed IT services

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services consist of custom solutions, so we can meet every client’s unique needs.

Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT Services

Our co-managed services aim to supplement and support clients who already have internal IT staff.

Managed Network Support

Managed Network Support

Our IT network support and consulting services will help you streamline operations. We’ll design and manage a network that’s modern, security-oriented, and compliant.

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IT Support & Help Desk Services

Our ongoing IT support services provide end-to-end network and systems support to businesses in your industry.

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At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we believe all law firms deserve the same centralized support, regardless of their size. That’s why our goal is to provide enterprise-grade legal IT services to small, medium, and boutique firms across the country. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we specialize in end-to-end managed IT services for practices that want to give their clients the best representation possible.


When a law firm outsources their IT department, it frees them up to focus on what they do best. With comprehensive legal services, the practice can ensure better performance, stronger security, and more streamlined operations, all of which make for happier clients.

At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we operate out of Colorado, but we cater to law firms across the country. Our IT services are available nationwide, and we’re equipped to ensure practices comply with both state and federal regulations no matter where they’re located.

Virtually every law firm can use IT services. Even the smallest practices have a lot of tech needs, and addressing all of them demands a considerable amount of time. Naturally, the firm’s time is better spent helping their clients. In addition to lightening your load and preventing downtime, turning to a reputable provider like NOYNIM will ensure compliance, bolster security, and protect sensitive data.

When it comes to technological infrastructure, most law firms have a lot of the same needs. Every practice also has unique needs, however, which is where tailored services packages come into play. If you turn to NOYNIM IT Solutions, you can cater your legal services package so it includes everything you need (and nothing you don’t).


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