IT Services for Private Equity and Portfolio Companies

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies have unique needs regarding security, compliance, and IT performance. Thankfully, with the right software solutions and IT infrastructure, IT Due Diligence for your Portco becomes a breeze. Let us help your private equity firm embrace digital innovation, so you can drive business outcomes while protecting your portfolio. From streamlining operations to mitigating cyberattacks, NOYNIM IT Solutions can empower your firm, so you can focus on what you do best.

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How Our IT Services Can Help Private Equity Firms

Our IT services for private equity firms are designed to deliver maximum value from Pre-Close IT Due Diligence to Post-Purchase IT support.

Pre-Close IT Due Diligence

IT/Cyber Security Assessment

Streamlining Portco IT Infrastructure

Post-Purchase IT Support for Portcos and PE Firms

IT Due Diligence for PE Firms

IT Due Diligence from Pre-Close to Post-Purchase

Pre-Close IT Due Diligence and Risk Reporting

Streamline Portco IT Infrastructure for Better Performance and Security

Post-Purchase End-User Helpdesk Support

IT Services We Offer to Private Equity and Portcos

Managed IT services

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services consist of custom solutions, so we can meet the unique needs of your firm.

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IT Support & Help Desk Services

Ongoing IT support services provide network and end-user support to your Portcos after acquisition.

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IT Consulting and Assessments

Our experts provide Risk Assessments and Recommendation Roadmaps at any point in your purchasing journey.

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IT Security and Cybersecurity

Keep your Portcos secure and compliant with our advanced cyber security protections against today’s cyber threats.

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The Best IT Services for Private Equity Firms

If your Private Equity firm or Portcos need end-to-end managed IT services, you can count on us. We’re equipped to provide total IT support for PE firms of all sizes. With industry-specific expertise supporting Portcos, our certified IT engineers will provide enterprise-grade solutions that are tailored to your firm’s unique needs. Let us take on the burden of your tech operations, so you can gain a competitive edge and focus on what you do best.


There are many benefits of outsourcing IT services to an MSP. Some of the biggest advantages for private equity firms include cost savings, improved security, freed-up internal resources, guaranteed compliance, and increased agility in the purchasing process.

At NOYNIM, we provide a wide range of IT services for private equity firms, including IT managed services, managed network support, help desk services, cyber security protocols, O365 and cloud-platform management, IT consulting, and server management. We can tailor your services to meet your unique needs.

When deciding what you need in an MSP, consider the size and complexity of your firm’s IT infrastructure, the specific IT services you need, and your budget constraints. When comparing MSPs, consider experience with Private Equity and Portcos, reputation, and customer service.

The cost of outsourcing IT services to an MSP depends on the specific services you need and the size and complexity of your firm’s IT infrastructure. However, NOYNIM IT Solutions provides value to its Private Equity clients by offering a one stop shop from pre-close IT due diligence to post-purchase IT Support.


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