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IT Managed Services (Denver) Take A Customer’s View Of Big Data

Do you sometimes get the feeling your every move is being watched, analyzed and planned for? If you ask IT professionals like you’d find at IT Managed Services Denver based firms, they’ll attribute that to the “internet of things.”

We have become very interconnected, which makes doing business and socializing that much easier. It also makes feeling like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder perfectly understandable.

Any IT Managed Services (Denver) Expert Knows How All That Information Is Used

As soon as you plug in, connect or log on, you become a part of the “internet of things” – all the physical devices around the world that are connected by way of the internet, gathering and sharing information. The volume of information passed around on a daily basis is increasing at a very terrific rate. This “big data” has become a big deal for businesses, which now have the capability to harness all the value it represents for their profit margins.

Firms that provide IT Managed Services (Denver) help corporations refine production, sales, marketing and customer relations strategies, by analyzing data gathered form a wide variety of sources. These include email, contact center calls, social media interactions and traffic on their website. By determining your purchase history and predicting your future purchases, they put themselves in a more competitive position in their respective industries. But what do you get out of it?

Well, apart from that “there’s a fly on the wall” feeling, as a customer you get service more tailored to your needs and not just a generic approach to your doing business with that company. You are kept abreast of new product and service developments that you would most likely be interested in. By keeping track of your online activities, businesses are able to refine the experience you have, saving you the trouble of having to wade through a plethora of unnecessary information and processes.

IT Managed Services (Denver) providers recognize that a part of what leaves most people uncomfortable with big data screening is perhaps, not knowing who is really on the other side of that two-way mirror. We keep wondering how much information is being gathered and just who is scrutinizing it. Thoughts of the government, fraudsters and annoyingly persistent sales pitches spring to mind. Along with that, is the constant worry as to  how much detail about us they are able to glean from it, what exactly they do with it all, and how much control have we lost.


Regardless of these concerns, however, it is highly unlikely that we will, en masse, begin to unplug, disconnect and log off. The more practical approach is to be cautious of how much private information we share and with whom.


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