IT is a complex landscape that grows more challenging by the minute. It is impossible for any single person or small team to be proficient in all technological disciplines. NOYNIM’s Co-Managed IT services can provide your business with access to certified experts who are equipped to handle the most sophisticated challenges. With two teams working alongside each other, we collaborate on the needs of your organization’s most critical systems in the most efficient manner. In collaboration, we develop a personalized plan of services with solutions to meet your specific goals. Imagine what your business could achieve if technical issues were handled quickly and more efficiently as a team.

At NOYNIM, we’re proud to be the bridge between your in-house IT team and the modern computing solutions you need to drive your business forward.

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At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we understand how an in-house IT department can benefit from supplemental services. While an internal IT team has its merits, there are limitations given the variety and complexity of modern computing solutions, not to mention the massive increase of cyber crime and ever-changing strategies hackers use to infiltrate networks.

Through our Co-Managed IT Services & Support programs, we partner with your in-house IT department. Our goal is to provide the support and expertise you need to meet your business goals. We offer cost-effective, scalable, and efficient IT solutions to supplement your internal team. We can also help you tackle specialized projects and one-time implementations.

With our Co-Managed IT Services & Support programs, you are in charge. The NOYNIM team simply acts as an extension of your own IT department to align high-level business goals with practical IT solutions.

Cost EffectiveCost Effective

Our team has well over a century of combined experience, maintaining expert level certifications from leading vendors in the IT industry. Our team’s combined expertise would be nearly impossible to achieve in-house for those on a tight budget. We offer custom pricing based on your specific requirements, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Security & BackupSecurity & Backup

As cyber security attacks become increasingly more sophisticated, protecting your critical systems and infrastructure is a complex operation. NOYNIM will work with your internal IT team to monitor your IT environment, mitigate vulnerabilities, ensure your Backup & Disaster Recovery solution adheres to your business requirements, and implement/simulate a Business Continuity Plan. Get much-needed peace of mind from the day you enlist our team of cyber security experts.

Special Projects ManagementSpecial Projects Management

When evaluating fast-evolving modern technological solutions, our clients source NOYNIM’s Co-Managed IT Services to assist with executing complex & specialized IT projects. If you are considering any IT upgrades, from a Microsoft 365 implementation to an on-premises server upgrade to a total network redesign, we are here to support your internal IT team. We have the expertise & certifications to handle any specialized IT project.

Productivity & Efficiency

Imagine how fast your business could grow and what your employees could achieve if technical issues were handled quickly and more efficiently. Our Co-Managed IT solution gives your team members the support they need to get back to work with little to no downtime. Our clients often report a sustainable increase in employee productivity when they leverage our expert staff.

More BandwidthMore Bandwidth

Most in-house IT staff are inundated with daily tickets, outages and emergencies. As such, they’re forced to take a reactive approach instead of a proactive one. This makes it increasingly difficult to implement proactive measures to mitigate the outages in the first place. Put another way, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for them to meet all your needs. Our Co-Managed service can take the pressure off your overworked team.

24/7 Helpdesk24/7 Help Desk

We know IT issues can arise at any moment. That’s why we have a responsive help desk ready and waiting to take your call at any time of the day. Don’t wait to address a problem until normal business hours because that could mean extensive downtime. Instead, you can rely on our experienced IT support team to assist you with resolving all your technical matters, regardless of when they become apparent.

Technical ExpertiseTechnical Expertise

NOYNIM’s diverse staff is equipped to handle any technical challenge that your IT team may face. While your internal department may be competent in handling day-to-day tasks, NOYNIM is here to provide supplemental services in disciplines that require expertise in highly specialized areas. We are determined to remain leaders in our field, so you can be sure we’re always up to date on the latest advancements.

Staffing ResourcesStaffing Resources

A common pain point for business owners is managing their IT personnel. It can be tricky to ensure adequate resources are available to address support-related items in real-time. When your IT staff takes PTO, you’ll quickly understand that it takes a team to manage the network. A major benefit of NOYNIM’s Co-Managed IT Services is the additional “hands on deck.” Let NOYNIM’s staff supplement your team, and only pay for services delivered.


If your business operates like NOYNIM, we know that you have very specific goals and requirements. Our Co-Managed IT Services empower your technical resource pool to meet and exceed your organization’s demands. We provide the resources required to manage your IT environment and support your staff. Based on your specific needs, we will help you with a short transition or a long-term engagement.

Compliance & SecurityCompliance & Security

Businesses in specialized industries are often required to maintain regulatory compliance. These regulations change frequently and require the expertise and resources of professionals to execute properly. We are available to advise and execute on these special regulations to ensure your company achieves and maintains full compliance. Maintain your reputation within your field—and your ability to operate within your industry—with our help.

IT StrategyIT Strategy

An IT infrastructure is only as strong as the strategy behind it. Regardless of whether you need help building a new system, revamping an old one, or merely maintaining the current one, our experts can collaborate with your team to implement the most strategic approach. Together with your in-house IT team, we’ll devise tailored solutions that will empower your employees to excel at their jobs.

Seamless OperationsSeamless Operations

In today’s fast-paced digital world, an organization can only be as effective as its technological infrastructure allows. With our Co-Managed IT Services & Support program, you’ll gain the resources to build and then maintain the most efficient network possible, streamlining your operations in the process. In addition to making your employees more productive, this will boost customer satisfaction. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line!

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Proactive IT Services

At NOYNIM, we implement strategic processes to help predict, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in an efficient and expedited manner. With our state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, your environment remains under constant surveillance for connection failures or suspicious activities. Our proactive support services allow us to mitigate and resolve any concerns before they have a detrimental impact on your environment.

The benefits of incorporating a proactive partnership utilizing our Co-Managed IT Services & Support programs are three-fold. First, it limits downtime. By preventing issues from arising in the first place, our clients are able to continue serving their own customers unencumbered. Second, it’s cost-effective. Putting out fires generally demands more resources than keeping them at bay. Third, it allows for maximum efficiency day in and day out. This facilitates faster growth.

Firewall Management & Maintenance Services

Firewalls represent your organization’s first line of defense in preventing cyber-attacks. A firewall’s primary purpose is to monitor and control incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined security policies. A firewall helps establish an effective barrier between your trusted network and external sources from posing a potential threat.

Our team has extensive experience deploying physical and virtual firewalls to accommodate your company’s unique security requirements. Regardless of your particular industry, our cyber security experts are well versed in this field and will be able to propose & implement a plan that secures your critical systems and environment.

Firewall management
Advanced IT

Advanced IT Security Solutions

Maintaining a secure environment is an essential requirement for a business of any size. At NOYNIM, we offer advanced IT security solutions to ensure that your network, systems, and company data remain protected from intruders. In addition to our team of certified security experts, we utilize advanced IT security solutions that automate threat detection, analysis, and mitigation. You will receive enterprise-grade security solutions to keep your business safe.

If you’ve already accounted for advanced cyber security features during the original build, it may be tempting to forgo additional security services. Keep in mind, however, that cyber security threats are ever-evolving, and protocols that were effective just a few years ago may no longer be enough to keep your network safe.

Data Backup Solutions

The importance of data backup and retention is paramount for any business. Yet, understanding where and how to store your organization’s critical information can be overwhelming. At NOYNIM, we are experts in this field. We offer data backup solutions that account for many different scenarios with our on-premises and cloud-based backup services.

As a business owner, you know that life is unpredictable. While one cannot predict the future, our team can help ensure that your critical data remains protected from unforeseeable events. In addition to our data backup solutions, we also offer business continuity planning and disaster recovery. Your business will possess a complete strategic backup plan that safeguards your data against malicious, accidental, and unexpected threats.

Data backup
Hardware Procurement

Hardware & Software Procurement Services

In addition to helping your business determine the appropriate technological solutions, NOYNIM streamlines this process by offering IT hardware & software procurement services. Once your organizational goals have been carefully determined, we handle the procurement of the proposed solutions and assets.

We have close-working relationships with reputable vendors that enable us to provide your business with competitive pricing for all your hardware, software, and IT services requirements. Our goal is to fulfill your organization’s needs by providing maximum value on spending. We also ensure that the proposed assets are suitable and efficient for your unique environment.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Employee knowledge is by far the best deterrent when it comes to preventing cyber security attacks within your organization. While often disregarded, an effective awareness program is vital to your company’s overall security strategy. To support this training, we offer a large variety of interactive video modules that help educate users in identifying deceptive practices. When armed with the best practical knowledge, your team can avoid falling victim to an attack and exposing the company in the process.

With phishing attacks on the rise, it is important that your employees remain informed on the latest cyber threats and social engineering techniques. More importantly, it is critical that your staff learns to identify red flags and respond appropriately to prevent hackers from gaining access to your most critical systems. At NOYNIM, we utilize simulated spoofing/phishing campaigns to provide employees with real-life phishing attack scenarios while evaluating & monitoring your staff’s response.

Cybersecurity Awareness
Tech Support

On-Demand Technical Support

Our Co-Managed IT Services & Support programs include professional help around the clock. Your organization can rely on our experienced technical support team to assist you with resolving all your technical matters, regardless of complexity or day & time.

Here at NOYNIM IT Solutions, we provide our clients with 24/7 IT support. Our staff is extensively trained in the two areas that matter most: technical expertise and customer service. With a friendly team at your side, you will seamlessly achieve an IT strategy that fuels your organization’s growth. Rely on our experienced IT support team to assist you with resolving your most complicated technical matters.


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