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IT Consulting

Industry Specific IT Consulting Services

We act as innovation advisors to help you carve out a competitive advantage within your industry. Our IT consultants help you bridge the gap between ambitious business goals and the modern technology strategies that will help you get there.

NOYNIM IT Consulting Process Overview

Understanding Your Business Goals

At NOYNIM, we begin by understanding your business goals and vision. Regardless of your company size or industry, proper use of technology has the power to propel your business towards achieving its goals. Understanding your business objectives is an initial (yet critical) step we take to ensure that we provide you with effective solutions that align to your company’s mission.

Assessing Your Environment

Once your desired direction and business goals are established, we will evaluate your existing infrastructure by performing a thorough assessment of your environment. This process provides us with important insights. The assessment helps determine if your existing use of technology supports your overall organizational goals and ensures that best practices are met. More importantly, we will provide you with recommendations on how to improve your environment to better align with your business objectives.

Strategy & Design

Whether you are a large corporation tackling a complex IT landscape or a small business looking to optimize your environment, we design a plan that fits your needs. Our certified IT solutions consulting experts possess over a century of combined experience. Drawing on our extensive background, we form a comprehensive plan that aligns with your specific business objectives.

Implementation & Continued Maintenance

With an effective strategy in place, we begin the implementation process that will help ensure your business goals are met with effective and practical IT solutions. At NOYNIM, you can expect a seamless implementation process from beginning to end. We continue monitoring your IT infrastructure post-implementation to ensure reliability, increased performance and security compliance.

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