OTRS Management and Ticketing System Support

NOYNIM IT is proud to now offer OTRS support to our clients.  We understand that there are very few if any resources out there when it comes to OTRS support.

OTRS is the leading open-source ticketing systems on the Internet.  This tool is fully compatible with ITIL IT service management and ITSM solution.

Leveraging NOYNIM your organization can fully customize your OTRS environment.  We offer everything from initial installation all the way up to fully customizing your environment.  Not only do we provide consulting but we use this tool daily for all our management needs.

Having experience with many open-source and closed source product we feel that OTRS is one of the leading solutions in the industry.  OTRS provides a flexible, measurable and scalable approach to ticket management for an organization.  Whether you are an IT service organization or a plumber you need a central management system like OTRS to manage and track all your needs.

Having a backend interface as well as customer interface is key and this is what OTRS provides.  I cant tell you enough how much customers love the ability to enter and track their tickets.  No longer do they wonder who is working the ticket and what the current status is.  This also holds the company accountable for the work they do.  Sending emails or calling people is no longer viable, especially with the constant workload of a growing business.

NOYNIM guarantees all our work and we pride ourselves in the quality and in-depth understanding of OTRS.  Make sure to call 720.524.8616 x1 or email us at sales@noynim.com if you would like to hire NOYNIM for any OTRS work, consulting or troubleshooting.

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