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Managing Big Data With IT Consulting Services (Denver)


There are many run-of-the-mill solutions for managing big data, but industry experts recommend the kind of custom-tailored solutions you get from an IT Consulting Services Denver based firm. Big data management seeks to provide superior data quality while assuring easy accessibility of the data for business intelligence and advanced analytics applications.

IT Consulting Services (Denver) And Big Data Management

“Big data” is actually an umbrella term for enormous or multifaceted sets of complex data gathered on a massive scale from diverse sources. Such data requires more than the traditional data processing tools to capture, curate and manage it, doing so within a reasonable time frame. Increasingly, however, big data can be successfully handled by ever-developing techniques and technologies, which help to reveal insights into the value of it contains.

Since just about everything in today’s world is monitored, measured and recorded, defining big data by size is a constantly changing task, since where volumes of terabytes were once used, it is now common to use measures of petabytes instead. Some sources of big data that represent increasing pools of information include call detail records, social media sites and system logs. Managing big data involves organization, administration and governance of these large data sets which may be presented as either structured or unstructured data or both.

It is this management that is proving to be an uphill task for many companies, some of whom mistakenly feel that managing big data is accomplished simply by expanding storage capacity. With the help of specialists at IT Consulting Services Denver based firms, however, it is possible to rein-in big data and optimize its value.

Quite often, the majority of big data is actually either duplicated or synthesized data, which must first be reduced to smaller data by scaling it down to its unique set. This smaller data volume can then be put through the process of data virtualization.

Once virtualization is complete, business will find that there is

  • considerably reduced time spent on development and support
  • increased real-time speed-of-access to data
  • reduced systems workload from not having to move data around
  • reduction in the risk of data errors
  • reduction in the volume of data storage required

Virtualization also allows multiple applications to reuse the same now smaller and cheaper to store data footprint.


Improper management of the vast amounts of data a company generates each year can lead to unnecessary spending on unnecessary storage. Not to mention, the added costs of being unable to locate information such data contains in the event of a compliance audit or lawsuit. Therefore, effective data management doesn’t just save money, it also results in data being more easily recoverable and accessible. Allowing IT Consulting Services Denver based firms to give assistance in managing your company’s big data is a winning move for your organization.


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