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Microsoft Office 365

There is not a year that goes by that Microsoft does not impress its consumers by adding some form of cutting edge technological development to its already awe-inspiring resume. This time around, the state-of-the-art development that the creative minds at Microsoft have designed is that of Office 365. Allow NOYNIM IT of Denver to introduce you to the features and wonders of this new cloud-based technology.

Simply put, Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud version of the Office Suite that you (most likely) use on a daily basis. In order to use the latest version of Microsoft Office, you first need to be connected to the Internet, create an account with Microsoft, make your payment, download the files needed to use the Suite, after which you can go ahead and start working on your projects.

Even though it may be tempting to jump right in and join the millions of companies already using Office 365, prior to subscribing this particular Office Suite, you first need to decide whether or not it is what your company needs to successfully complete daily tasks. Denver Computer Consulting representatives are the best individuals to talk to you about all the technical points associated with Office 365; however, below are some fundamental reasons that will aid you in deciding whether or not Office 365 is the way to go.

As previously stated, Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Office, but do you know what exactly ‘cloud-based’ means? The technology industry uses the term ‘cloud’ to refer to a file hosting service that is off-site. Essentially, this off-site file hosting service is done via the Internet. As you are working with Microsoft Office 365, you can store your files locally, or you can upload and also synchronize your files with Microsoft’s cloud (which is known as Windows SkyDrive). The cloud-based method of storing your files is quite beneficial, as if you are required to work on a device or in a location that does not have Office, you can always log into your account and access your files.

When consulting with IT Services Denver about potentially acquiring Office 365, one of the most important things you need to inquire about is system specifications. Similar to most software programs, Office 365 requires certain system specifications in order to run efficiently. Here is a short list of the specifications you should ensure your system has before installing Microsoft Office 365:

  • Windows 7 or 8
  • OS X 10.6 (or later) for Mac Users
  • Internet Access (needed to install, activate and manage your Office 365 subscription)
  • Compatible Internet Browser (such as: Chrome 18, Safari 5, Firefox 12, or IE 9)
  • For Windows Users, 3 GB of Available Space on your Hard Disk; Mac Users need 2.5 GB
  • For a 32-bit System, 1 GB RAM; For a 64-bit System, 2 GB RAM
  • For Windows Users, 1GHz Processor; For Mac Users, Intel Processor

This is not to say that Office 365 cannot work on an older system; however, the program will run painstakingly slow. If you are looking to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 but are using an older system, it is best you speak with a NOYNIM representative about a system upgrade prior to getting started with your Office subscription.

Now that you have been introduced to the system requirements of the Microsoft Office 365, it is time you became familiar with the subscription costs. You can opt to subscribe to an Office 365 plan for your business or your home. The business subscription costs are as follows:

  • Small and Midsize Business:
  • Office 365 Small Business: Annually – $60.00 ($5.00 per month/user); OR – $6.00 per user/billed monthly. User maximum of 25.
  • Office 365 Small Business Premium: Annually – $150.00 ($12.50 per month/user); OR – $15.00 per user/billed monthly. User maximum of 25.
  • Office 365 Midsize Business: Annually – $15.00 per month/user (this subscription plan is an annual commitment). User maximum of 300.
  • Enterprise: All Enterprise business plans have an annual commitment, and an unlimited user maximum.
  • Hosted Email (Exchange Online Plan 1): $4.00 per month/user
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1: $8.00 per month/user
  • Office 365 Enterprise E3: $20.00 per month/per user

If you wish to have Office 365 on your home computer, you can subscribe to the Home Premium plan for $99.99 per year (or $9.99 monthly). This plan can work with five Macs or five PCs and five mobile devices.

You will most definitely want to speak to a Denver Computer Consulting representative about what you will be getting in your particular plan. Keep in mind that the applications that you get will be dependent on the plan you selected when subscribing. However, a majority of the PC plans will include apps such as: Publisher, OneNote, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. On the other hand, the business plans for Mac computers do not come with Access, Publisher or OneNote.

Like most businesses today, you are probably concerned about security risks when using the cloud. However, by talking to IT Services Denver companies like NOYNIM, you will be able to get a better understanding of the security measures that are being taken by IT companies to ensure that consumers who use the cloud are protected.

With that being said, here are a few of the security features of Office 365:

  • Office 365 allows you to set permissions and supports encryption via RMS (Rights Management Service)
  • Your files are saved offsite in dedicated data centers with high level security
  • The same Trust Center and user-lever security preferences that are used in the Office desktop version is used in Office 365
  • Controls comply with FERPA and HIPPA
  • ISO standards have certified Office 365 as being compliant
  • Because of the encryption features on Office 365, anyone without permission cannot read your files.

Microsoft Office 365 is an outstanding tool to have in your organization. If you believe that this Office Suite is right for your business you can log on to the Microsoft website and subscribe. However, if you still need to consult with a Denver Computer Consulting firm about what is needed to support Office 365, you should contact NOYNIM today.


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