Whether your team is remote or working onsite, Microsoft Teams is the ideal solution for real-time collaboration. Microsoft Teams (aka Teams) launched in 2016 as part of Office 365’s productivity suite.

Microsoft has steadily improved Teams since its initial launch making it one of the best on-demand collaboration tools currently available. Teams has evolved to become your one-stop shop for cloud-based collaboration.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is a desktop and mobile application that empowers your staff to stay connected through a central channel that allows them to chat, video conference, call, host online meetings, assign tasks, file documents, and create live documents.

Microsoft Teams is the premier solution for modern companies to leverage on-demand communication and productivity tools. Overall, Microsoft Teams is an intuitive and all-encompassing service.

Microsoft Teams

How does Microsoft Teams Work?

Since Teams is a collaboration app, there are many different features that allow you to connect with your teammates. Here is what you can expect to find in your Microsoft Teams account:

  • Chat – One of the best aspects of Microsoft Teams is that it can replace Slack, Zoom, or any other communication channel you currently use for internal communication. You can instant message one-on-one or send messages to a designated group. Expect a host of modern messaging features including gifs, text formatting, and priority flagging.
  • Calling – With Teams, you can video conference or phone conference anyone in your network instantly. Simply hit the call or video button and reach your teammates within seconds.
  • Channels – Channels make it easy for you to connect with certain groups of people. Let’s say you are working on a design project and only 10 people in the company are part of that project. Create a channel called ‘design project’ and invite just those 10 people to be participate.
  • Meetings – Teams is a powerful place to hold meetings. Their videoconferencing can host up to 250 users per session. Easily schedule meetings through your channel’s calendar. You can also schedule Teams meetings through Outlook.

At its core, Microsoft Teams is a digital space where you can effectively collaborate with your teammates from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of their advanced features to leverage the best cloud-based collaboration tools for small and mid-sized businesses.

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