2022 Cybersecurity Roundup: A Recap of the Most Notable News from the Past Year

In terms of cybersecurity, 2022 has been a difficult year worldwide. As the year progressed, people around the globe watched in terror as growing dangers unfolded seemingly daily. Those in the IT services industry worked especially hard as they were called to new tasks in the hopes of mitigating the next big disaster. With 2022 coming to a close, let’s reflect on the year’s most notable cyberattacks, challenges, and data breaches.

The Cryptojacking of Crypto.com

On January 17th, hackers broke into the bitcoin wallets of approximately 500 Crypto.com users and made off with roughly $18 million worth of Bitcoin, $15 million worth of Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies worth an additional $3 million. 

Crypto.com initially downplayed the attack, calling it an “incident.” The company eventually reversed course, however, admitting that funds had been taken. They reimbursed affected users, and management disclosed that they had conducted a system audit and enhanced the company’s security measures. 

The Conti Cyberattack in Costa Rica

In a shocking display of civic hacking, the rogue cybercrime gang Conti targeted the very fabric of daily life in the otherwise tranquil and beautiful nation of Costa Rica. A national emergency was declared as they demanded millions of dollars via ransomware, attacked healthcare infrastructure, and shut down national enterprises. After months of attacks, the government finally labeled them war crimes and acts of terrorism.

Many businesses were forced to shut down as a result of the attacks, and the country lost an estimated $30 million every day due to the associated expenditures. The government finally asked for assistance from others, including the United States and Microsoft. 

Events like these highlight how important it is for countries to invest in IT services and recovery mechanisms at the national level and make cybersecurity a top priority.

The Data Breach of Microsoft

A hacker collective going by the name of Lapsus$ attacked Microsoft on March 20th. They allegedly disrupted Cortana, Bing, and other services. While they retrieved some data, Microsoft reported that only one account had been hacked and added that no user information had been compromised. Microsoft gained positive attention for its swift and thorough reaction to the security issue. Their security team was prepared because the Lapsus$ organization had previously attacked Nvidia, Samsung, and many other corporations.

The Cyberattack at PressReader

PressReader, the largest global online publisher of print publications, was attacked in March, halting the publication of many stories worldwide, including those in The New York Times and more than 7,000 other news outlets. The attack occurred right after PressReader said it would provide free access for customers in Ukraine. PressReader swiftly recovered its full publishing capacity after three days. 

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In the event that a hacker gains access to a company’s systems, they will often leave behind a backdoor that will allow them to return later. If security holes left by the first attack aren’t fixed, a second attack may be possible. And even if they don’t return, they likely installed dangerous ransomware and/or spyware during the initial attack to gain unauthorized access and steal sensitive data. 

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