NOYNIM IT Solutions Highlights One of Its Most Prestigious Certifications: The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Certification

A leader in the tech world, NOYNIM IT Solutions is always on the hunt for the next certification that will allow them to better serve clients.

DENVER, Colorado, August 29 – NOYNIM IT Solutions wants to remind small and mid-sized businesses across the country of their most prestigious certification from Cisco. They hold a Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIE) certification for network security and network engineering, both of which they provide clients as part of their Denver IT services.

The CCIE certifications are a series of accreditations for senior networking professionals who spend their time designing, building, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex, enterprise-grade IT infrastructures. The team at NOYNIM IT Solutions includes several experts in this area, and they’re proud to use such certifications to distinguish themselves as the most capable techs in their field.

The CCIE technical certification in particular, is generally accepted by industry leaders worldwide as one of the most esteemed networking certifications in the field. Those who possess one have extensive knowledge of expert-level infrastructure design and maintenance. Consequently, they’re equipped to tackle even the most complicated network assignments.

To achieve the CCIE certification, professionals must both pass a written exam and complete a performance-based lab. These exams are updated constantly as technology advances to ensure the certification remains both relevant and valuable.

NOYNIM IT Solutions is determined to stay at the forefront of the tech industry, and their unwavering commitment to providing only the best of the best explains why they prioritize ongoing education. Serving as a one-stop-shop for small to mid-sized businesses that cannot handle all—or any—of their IT needs in-house, NOYNIM bridges the gap between what clients want and how they’re going to get it.

It’s worth noting that the CCIE certification is just one of NOYNIM’s many impressive accreditations. Other notable certifications include:

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate – Firewall/VPN Track
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • GIAC Certified Incident Handler
  • And many more!

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