There is a growing debate over the functions and responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) as compared to those of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Industry experts, such as those in the IT  field, agree there is certainly some overlapping between the two roles.

The gray area may be the result of the plethora of IT-driven interfaces that exist between company and customer. A look at the functions of these executive positions is sufficient to convince you that, ideally, your company needs the services of both. The decision you have to make, however, is how to find the most cost-effective way to satisfy this need.


  • has executive responsibility for IT infrastructure and architecture supporting the company’s objectives
  • evaluates past, current and future use of information and communications technology (ICT) to drive business growth
  • implements measures to reduce costs, limit negative IT occurrences and maintain data security
  • provides IT leadership and direction to company employees
  • is instrumental in recruiting and retaining IT talent to efficiently support the company’s needs


  • influences all executive decisions with regard to company-customer interactions
  • oversees all facets of customer-company interaction in the call center, sales, marketing, finance (billing), fulfillment and post-sale support
  • creates and engenders a single corporate vision of desired customer relations
  • devises and oversees strategies to maximize customer acquisition and retention

IT Managed Services Balances Both Roles

When it comes to CIO and CCO services, there is really no need to choose one over the other, or pay for both on your staff. IT Outsourcing allows you to tap into a dedicated team of professionals who will provide your company with all it requires with regard to the responsibilities of both these positions. You get the flexibility of paying only for the specific functions you require. Added to that, is the knowledge that the IT vendor is working hard to retain your business & will provide value to be considered a long term solution.

Your outsourced IT partner will most likely be more up-to-date with industry developments. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having to pay for training or upgrades. They will also have well-established connections within the industry, helping you to take advantage of first-rate resources without having to dig deep into the company’s finances. Furthermore, they are intimately familiar with customer relations management (CRM) and its related systems.

As the pace of business accelerates and the customer demands always-on contact with your company, you will need to provide accessibility and consistency. This will be a major factor in how competitive you are within your industry. The outsourced managed services takes on both CIO and CCO roles, helping you to maintain a reliable and satisfying customer experience centered on and efficiently supported by IT.


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