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Serving the IT needs of Denver business

NOYNIM provides a wide variety of IT services to small & mid-sized businesses in Denver, and the surrounding areas. Although the company itself is a young operation, our IT experts have over a century of collective experience.

Our primary focus has always been to offer the same centralized support capabilities that every large corporation has, at a fraction of the cost to our clients. Ultimately we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a long term and proactive relationship with our clients. Essentially, we help perpetuate the growth of smaller companies by helping them escape the large overhead costs associated with having in-house IT staff.

IT Services in Denver and Beyond

Although most of our client base is located in the Denver metropolitan region, we understand the shift is moving towards a global market. In order for any business to be successful it must improve its overall efficiency. This is where NOYNIM’s IT expertise helps our clients most. We offer small to mid-size businesses assistance by providing a streamlined IT approach. Your computers & networks should be configured to meet your individual business requirements on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

NOYNIM provides a wide variety of services to small & mid-sized businesses. The majority of our clients lack full time IT professional staff, which in turn creates less efficient IT capabilities for the company. This puts your business and your clients at risk for the possibility of downtime & data loss. Which could lead to lost sales, lowered client confidence & the potential for negative publicity. At NOYNIM we provide your business with a dedicated support staff, on demand “on-site” engineers, centralized software & virus management. In other words, you’ll have all the technological capabilities of a Fortune 500 company at your fingertips, but at a fraction of the cost.

With NOYNIM you’ll see an immediate ROI by eliminating the need for a full time IT staff, by utilizing the infrastructure already in place or architecting an entirely new IT network. Learn how NOYNIM’s services can help make your computer networks secure, with more robust IT infrastructure. The best part, is the ability to enhance your business’s IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of full-time IT staff, so contact us today.

Education and Experience

NOYNIM believes that education & experience are the keys to being successful.  While most of our staff have at least a Bachelor’s degree, some have Master’s degrees in Computer Science.  We also keep up on the latest technology by going to some of the leading IT conferences in the nation.  Our favorite conferences tend to revolve around IT network security (Defcon, ShmooCon, Black Hat).

While we do feel IT certifications are very important, we pride ourselves in our work & client satisfaction.  As you can see below, we have some of the leading IT certifications out there.  Many of these certifications are only found within Fortune 500 IT departments.

Our staff has come to NOYNIM from a wide variety of backgrounds & disciplines, but many were recruited from Fortune 500 IT departments.  We have individuals on staff that managed network security environments containing over 85,000 nodes. NOYNIM also has vast experience working with “three-letter” government agencies.  Through these experiences, NOYNIM offers a different brand of Managed IT Services to the Denver metro small & mid-sized business market. We challenge you to compare NOYNIM to any IT service firm in Denver. We guarantee to outperform all of our competitors.

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