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Why most IT projects still fail

I recently read a post on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140620060432-61246564-why-it-projects-fail-some-practical-suggestions-for-the-improved-results )that said 71% of all IT projects fail, and the last bullet point the author talked about was to me, the most important reason.  Misplaced expectations or too high demand was the culprit mentioned, and we think there is a very good reason for this.

Non-IT people just want the technology to work, does that sound like you?  The frustration when people who understand computers and people who don’t is that they often don’t communicate well.  As an example, say you cannot print something to the printer you usually use.  What is the thought process that you go through?  Try to print, nothing. Try to print, nothing again.  Go look at the printer.  Come back, print again… it goes on and on until you decide to call the IT folks.  The IT person picks up the phone and you say “I can’t get the printer to work, and I need this presentation for a meeting in 15 minutes!!” – Now the pressure is on the IT person to prioritize your issue over everything else he has going on that day.  The real issue here is communication – instead of telling the IT guy that, why not set the stage with what you have tried already so he can start from a place of knowledge and have a greater potential to fix your issue.

Now extend that lack of communication from a printer issue to a large scale IT project.  The stakeholders want one thing, the managers want another, and the IT people know that the hardware they have been wanting to upgrade or replace will not handle the workload everyone else wants to put on it.  No wonder projects fail so often!  Think of the countless meetings that are held every day around the world where both sides of that equation don’t really communicate with each other!  If an hour long meeting starts 10 minutes late because everyone is showing up late from other commitments, and everyone is typing emails, or IMs, or checking their phones that whole time… they the meeting adjourns until next week’s status meeting… only to find nobody in the room communicated exactly what they wanted to get out of the IT project.

We at NOYNIM think that is not the way it needs to be.  Let’s make sure we don’t leave the meeting room or the phone call “mutually mystified” as to what the expectations are from either side.  If the meeting needs to be longer to make sure we understand what you really want, then let’s schedule a long meeting.  Let’s have pizzas shoved under the door.  Let’s make sure, together, that we understand what the other party needs, so we don’t become one of those 71% of IT projects that fail, just because we didn’t take the time to talk though and understand each other well.

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