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How Robots Keep Evolving and Impacting Technology Today

For as long as any of us can remember, the talk of robots or robotics has always been a popular topic in the technology field. At a particular time in your life, you may have even heard that one day in the near or distant future (whichever comes first), robots will become so human-like, that we as humans may not even be able to tell the difference.

Are we at that point in the future where robots are having a great impact on technology, and as such are drastically changing our lives? As the top IT consulting services Denver Company, NOYNIM strives to keep abreast with the latest technology news, and also to keep our clients informed about the ever evolving technology field.

With that being said, we can tell you that while we are yet to see an A-class human-like robot, robotics is indeed changing the world we live in, and will continue to do so. If you take a moment to think back to the first time you heard about or even saw a robot and then take a look at robots today, you will see just how advanced robots have become.

Initially, robots could not do much without a vast amount of human input and control; however, today, scientists and technologists have been able to reduce the human control and input a great deal. Take the time to consider the robotics used in movies such as The Terminator and I, Robot. Now take a look at the robotics used in more recent movies like Wall-E and Earth to Echo. Can you readily point out the advancements that have been made?

Similar to our IT consulting services Denver Company, you too may have long been fascinated with the idea of robotics, but have failed to see the drastic impact that it has made on our world. It is believed that things are about to change.

In order for robots to perform at their fullest potential, they will require high bandwidth communications, digital sensors and highly powerful silicon chips. Recently, there has been a tremendous growth in the production and distribution of the aforementioned devices; as such, there has been a great improvement in not only everyday technology devices that we use, but also in robotics.

Let’s take for example robotics R&D. The new and shared standards of robotics R&D is making it a lot easier for the portability of ideas from a single robot platform across another. In addition to this, the production of these platforms have become more cost effective over the years. For instance, about a decade ago, purchasing a robot such as the Rethink Robotics’ Baxter was thought to be almost inconceivable; however, today, this robot could be purchased for approximately $25,000.

A field in which robots have excelled over the years is that of the manufacturing field. Right across the world, manufacturing plants have used robots to help test and even build some, if not all of their products. This is particularly true in the car manufacturing industry. Truth be told, over the years, there have even been threats of these robots completing eliminating the human workforce.

Let us take a moment to look to the future (whether it be the near or distant future). Just imagine that you are at home sick, or otherwise occupied, and your personal robot is at the mall or at the grocery store doing your shopping. Can you even imagine that same robot of yours dropping off or picking up your children from school, or even taking care of your home while you are on vacation?

While these scenarios may seem ludicrous to some of you now, it may not seem so crazy to you in the future because of all the advancements that are being made in technology and robotics. While the thought of robots taking over certain aspects of our lives may seem daunting, you should not be alarmed. In fact, many of us have already welcomed small robots into our homes. Take for instance the iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot. Yes, believe it or not, the Roomba is a type of robot.

Despite how the movies may portray robots, they are not designed to take over our world and enslave us. On the contrary, robots, just like the Internet, our phones, tablets and televisions, are designed to bring the world closer to us. And if scientists and technologists are successful in the future, robots will have a significantly greater impact on our lives then, than they do now.

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